Sunday, August 30, 2015

BCQC August Open - Anurakshat Gupta AFMC Quiz Report

Anurakshat Gupta conducted a general quiz on 23rd of August as a part of the BCQC August Open at Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). This quiz was conducted in two parts ie. the Preliminary round and Final Round for the Top-6 teams from the prelims.

Results :

1st : Kunal Sawardekar, Arnold D'Souza and Shivam Sharma - 100
2nd : Anmol Dhawan, Ashwin Mahesh and Nikhil Joseph - 90
3rd : Suchishree Chatterjee, Kaushik Chatterjee and Rohan Setlur - 70
4th: Venkat Shrinivasan, Rohan Danait and Deven Deshpande - 20
5th: Uday Bansal, Khagendra Chakravarti and Saraswat Chatterjee - 20
6th: Pranav Pawar, Debopriyo Maulik and VG Sreeram - -10

Comments :

The prelims started out at exactly 1605 hours as was told by Anurakshat Gupta before the small break between his quiz and the previous quiz. The questions were interesting with a certain bias on History/Geography, thus building the tidings for a HisGeoHeavy quiz. Prelims had many descriptive questions with answers being either a Country name or a Capital city name. Thus guessing/chimping/Eenie Meenie Miney Mo was a legit strategy to go ahead with for some of the questions where you had little to no knowledge. Top 6 teams from the Preliminary rounds made it to the finals with 3 other teams being drafted into the top 6 teams.

There were a total of 35 questions in the Finals which were divided into two rounds of 17 and 18 questions per round. Every round gave you the opportunity for three exhaustive finite pounces. The finals began with Vcat pouncing prematurely on 2 questions, thus earning his team an early lead, albeit a negative lead of -20 points. Team 5 tried to smartly answer the question by shouting out two different answers that they were fixated upon in a bid to try and get points, but the QM was no stranger to such antics by the quizzers in general and thus he asked them to give him one final answer. Turned out that both the answers were wrong. The finals went smoothly with Team 6 catching up very rapidly in the second half to the leaders, finally ending the quiz with only a 10 point gap.

The questions, IMO, were well framed and had enough hints for people having background knowledge in the subject to work it out. The quiz was a bit too heavy on His/Geo for it to qualify as a gen quiz. Nonetheless the questions were based on some brilliant fundae. Cherry on the cake, Anurakshat Gupta explained every question's answer/funda after the teams were done answering. The question on elderly people driving license stickers on Japanese cars was one of the questions that contributed to the continuous process of cerebral explosions.

This quiz was a major boost to my His/Geo knowledge. Hardly had any peters, but then again I speak out of my limited experience. Enjoyed the quiz overall and all the brilliant fundae. Much fun was definitely had.

The Not So General Gen Quiz - Report

Arnold D'Souza conducted a 30-question written quiz on topics of not-so-general general interest on 23 August 2015 at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune as part of the BCQC's August Open Quizzes.


1st: Anurakshat Gupta & Kunal Sawardekar - 370 pts
2nd: Venkat Srinivasan & Rohan Danait - 180 pts
3rd: Suchishree & Kaushik Chatterjee - 170 pts
3rd: Gokul Panigrahi & Shayak Chatterjee - 170 pts
5th: Anmol Dhawan & Ashwin Mahesh - 155 pts
6th: Deven & Shivam - 140 pts


This was a quiz that was clearly billed from the get-go as being heavy on the QM's own interests, and within those bounds, it was fun and very interesting. Participants hoping for a wide coverage of topics would have been disappointed though - the only India-related question was on cricket, and none of the answers were Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

The questions were (IMO) framed well, and despite the QM's professed admiration for Kolstylz questions (i.e. questions which are not workable and where you have to know the answer), many were quite work-out-able, and one of them (on a group of 44 ladies) did blow my mind, as advertised. My one quibble was questions requiring multi-part answers - there was one question where you were asked to name two, unrelated bands from their unrelated band-name-origin-stories - though antipathy to multi-answer questions is something in which I appear to be quite alone in modern Indian quizzing.

The major innovation in this quiz (one that I expect will be much debated in the comments) was the pounce system - the first I've seen in a written quiz. The questions were worth 10 points for a correct answer, but you could "star" questions in which case you got 20 points for a correct answer and -10 for a wrong one (including partial or incomplete answers). This meant that teams that were really sure of an answer could double down and take a risk (and a payoff if they turned out to be right). As with all quizzing innovations, this was controversial among the attendees, but I think we can expect to see more variations of this in future quizzes.

Please post your feedback in the comment section.

Friday, August 28, 2015

CineWest - a quiz on posters from the world of Movies & TV

Ready to make history? Participate in the world's first* ever posters quiz on Sat, 29 Aug.
Venue: COEP Academic Block
Time: 1:30 pm
Format: written prelims, followed by a 6-team final. Some college student teams will get to be part of the final.
Theme: a movie & TV quiz through the lens of posters.
* this may be a completely false claim.

Friday, July 31, 2015

BCQC July 2015 Opens - Report

(Report by Arnold D'Souza)

The July Open was held on Sunday the 26th of July, 2015 at the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). The even consisted of two quizzes—one general and one themed.

Set by:
Saraswat Chatterjee and Rohan Setlur

14 teams of 2 – (6 qualify for finals) – no draft picks.

Final Result:
1st – Anurakshat Gupta + Madhusadan (120)
2nd – Debanjan Bose + Suraj Prabhu (115)
3rd – Arnold D'Souza + Anjali Jospeh (95)
4th – Samrat Sengupta + Aniketh Rallabhandi (85)
5th – Shantanu + Shantanu (60)
6th – Gokul (25)

The elims were an interesting change from the standard written format. There were 15 questions all of which were only on a pounce for +10/-5 each. In effect, this was like a written elims where you got -5 for a wrong answer but had the option to leave a question blank without any loss. However, since the live scores were being kept on the blackboard, this meant that one could strategically decide on each question toward the end whether one needed to risk going for an answer or not. At least this is what we did (after screwing up a couple of optimistic pounces toward the beginning) and just about managed to qualified 5th or 6th.

One downside of this issue is that it discourages guessing to an extent—but I don't think this is a significant problem. One can always guess and keep the answer to oneself if not sure. The joy of realizing that you managed to successfully work out/cleverly guess an answer shouldn't be diluted just because of the fact that it wasn't down in front of an audience. Moreover, the format encourages teams to take risks and I like that.

There were no draft picks—something that I am personally okay with—but I know a lot of other quizzers (especially college students) who feel that draft picks are important, so that was possibly one downside to the quiz.

The finals consisted of two sets of 10 questions each on IR. The initial plan by the quiz-masters was to keep +10 for direct and +5 for passed questions, but we convinced them that this is not a good idea in an IR and they willingly agreed to keep a +10 all round.

There were 3 pounces available per team for each half of the quizzes with a -5 if you got the pounce wrong.

The 20 questions were followed by a final Long #PuneStylz (LPS) written round with 10 variables in it (A-J). Each variable was worth 5 points, plus another 25 for getting all 10 correct. I quite enjoyed this round and I thought it was pretty well set. Two things need to considered in an LPS—how much knowing the previous variable helps one get the next as well as independent clues thrown in which can help someone solve a variable in the middle on their own. The latter is important because I've often seen LPS questions where if someone misses (or has no idea about) one of the first few variables, it's almost impossible for them to get any of the following ones at all and this can really skew the scores badly.

Our quiz-setters for the day had done an excellent job of finding a suitable balance between the two types of clues—forward and independent.

The LPS was rather lit/ent biased and one noteworthy highlight of it was Debanjan and Prabhu—in first place at the time—getting so overly excited about the easiness of ent questions that they somehow managed to write Peter Sellers as having acted in Lawrence of Arabia instead of Peter O'Toole. This ended up costing them not only the 5 points for the variable but also the 25 point bonus and they ended up in second.

Enjoyable quiz overall and quite a good show by the quiz-masters who may not be as experienced as some of the others we've had at the opens. There were a few peter-questions but certainly no more than can be expected.


Set By:
Debanjan Bose

Roughly the same number as the first quiz (2 per team)

Written (24 questions)

Final Results:
1st – Arnold D'Souza + Anjali Joseph (117.5)
2nd – Anurakshat Gupta + Suraj Prabhu (82.5)
3rd – Aniketh Rallabhandi + Anmol (80)

This was a written quiz with 10 points per question—some of them had part points (including one with 4 parts for 2.5 each). Although I generally dislike questions with multiple parts in an IR, they're completely fine in a written quiz so no complaints there.

The quiz was originally supposed to be a 35 question set, but apparently time issues meant that only 25 questions were set—well 24 actually since Q24 was mysteriously absent. It's hard to tell whether this was merely carelessness or a cleverly disguised tribute to the comically haphazard July Open “Earth, Space and Beyond” quiz set by Vcat.

The framing of some of the questions could have done with some improvement in terms of clarity—the quiz-master ended up having to explain some of them as they were being read out. This was slightly disappointing because I thoroughly enjoyed the fundae in the quiz.

The quizzes were also the debut for my partner Anjali—who performed quite splendidly despite nursing a hangover throughout. At one stage toward the end of the written quiz, she would put her head down on the table, listen the quiz, sit up, say “This is so-and-so” and promptly go back to sleep until the next question.

To sum up, I quite liked the quiz—apart from the couple of gripes mentioned above—and this was not just because we ended up winning quite convincingly.

I look forward to conducting the written quiz at the next open (August).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

BC Cup 2015 - Report

Set by Aniket Khasgiwale, Yash Marathe and Aditya Gadre

Format: 30 question elim to determine the 8 quarter finalists. Then a 60 question quarter final to determine the top 4 i.e. the semi finalists. A 40 question Semi final to narrow down to the top 2 in the finals. A 28 question Finals played over two legs (home and away) to determine the winner. We ditched the college finals due to lack of turnout.

The quiz started with a 30 qn elims set which turned out to be quite tough with all contestants claiming they wont qualify at the end! Venkatraghavan (ie Ingit Sir) topped with a phenomenal 16.5 pts and Shrirang too put in a strong performance with 13.5 pts. The others were bunched up around 10 points, with Rohit Suresh just making the cut above Suraj with 9 points. A lot of good quizzers were on 8 or 8.5 points - Suraj, Kaushik, Atul, Samridh and Parijat (who also won the College section) which shows how strong the field was this year.

The Quarter Finals:

The Quarter finalists were :
Shrirang Raddi, Prithwish Datta, Samrat Sengupta, Ingit Sir, Rohit Suresh, Anannya Deb, Arnold D'Souza and Shubhankar Gokhale.

The Quarters were very even till the first half with all 8 people on 2-3 points. Anannya put in a stellar performance to top the elims consistently scoring in all sports. The QF ended up being very close with all 8 people having a chance to qualify with 3 questions to go. It ended with Anannya comfortably winning with 9 points and Samrat and Arnold also qualifying with 6 points. Ingit got a NBA question right and forced a three way tiebreaker against Shubhankar and Rohit for the 4th Semi final spot. A lengthy tie breaker later, Rohit won on sudden death to take the final spot.

The Semi-Final
Anannya continued his form from the Quarters and steadily built a lead which was enough for him to win. For most of the quiz, Samrat seemed to be comfortably taking the other final spot, by Arnold pulled off a brilliant comeback to answer two of the last four to tie scores on the last question of the semis. Another tie-breaker ensued - and Samrat won to cement his place in the finals.

(Side note: Q19 of the Semis was the 1000th question asked in the BC Cup - many thanks to all participants for continued support. We hope to go on for a 1000 more)

The Finals 
Samrat won the toss and went first. In his first home half he scored 1 goal and almost got a second. Anannya failed to score in his first home half. Things were getting interesting as Anannya got an away goal in Samrat's second home half, but Samrat rallied to get two answers in quick succession to take the score to 3-1. Anannya needed to just tie to win the match in his second home half, but he remembered the name of a Soviet gymnast and an Indian athlete just after giving the wrong answer. Anannya thus lost a successive BC Cup final and continued his tremendously consistent run at the Cup while Samrat won his first BC Cup in style.

BC Cup Champion 2015 : Samrat Sengupta
Runner Up : Anannya Deb 

College Champion: Parijat Chaudhary

As for the review of the quiz, I request those who attended to share their feedback in the comments section. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BC Cup 2015 - Announcement

The BC Cup is the BCQC's annual solo, open quiz to crown the Best Sports Quizzer. This is the seventh edition. 

First, a 30 question elim determines 8 qualifiers (or Quarter Finalists). These 8 people take part in a 60 question quarter final. The top four go through to the semi final. The semi-final will consist of 36 questions with scoring reset to zero. This is to keep the 'winning three consecutive matches' concept constant from last year's edition. The top two then go to the Final where they face off one-on one for a 28 question final. 
This year we are introducing an additional round for the top 4 college quizzers who do not qualify for the Open section. There will be a 24 question "College final" for these 4 college quizzers between the Quarter finals and the Semi finals of the Open Section 

QMs: Yash Marathe, Aniket Khasgiwale and Aditya Gadre
Theme: Sports
Teams: Individual
Restrictions: (or the lack of one) Open quiz. Everyone is welcome
When? 12:45 pmSaturday, 9th May, 2015
Where? The Boat Club, College of Engineering Pune
Prizes: The top 8 in the Open category and the top 4 in the College get cash prizes. The total prize money will be in excess of INR 5000
If you are planning to show up for sure, please let us know by filling in your name at this link. This will help us gauge interest and save some paper.

Monday, March 23, 2015

BCQC March 2015 Open Quizzes - Results and Reports

Quiz 1: Business Quiz 

Set and Conducted by BV Harish Kumar 

Format: Written elims of 20 questions. Finals comprising 24 questions on Infinite Rebounds in four Quarters and a 4 question written round 


1st: Arnold D'Souza, Ajay Ragde and Anway: 115 pts
2nd: Raghav C, Sachin Ravi and Suraj: 110 pts
3rd: Saswat, Alok and Omkar Dhakephalkar: 105 pts
4th: Shantanu G, Shantanu P and Anurag G: 100 pts
5th: Karthik, Shivam and Pranav Pawar: 80 pts
6th: Kunal Sawardekar, Samrat Sengupta and Pranav Joshi: 65 pts

The quiz was light and interesting with a nice mix of biz fundaes and general trivia with a Business bent. Harish covered a lot of topics and even distributed a "buzzword bingo" sheet in the audience as an innovative way to take feedback on the topics covered. I really liked the quiz for the fact that it moved away from standard business tropes and did not require one to memorise faces of CXOs. BVHK showed that good business quizzes with workoutable questions are very much possible despite the stereotype attached to business quizzes these days. 

The only negative was the 15 pt pounce scoring where the team could not pounce on their own question - I know, as BVHK said during the quiz as well that "Life is not fair" - but I'd have let teams pounce on their own questions. Especially so after seeing the results where the top 4 were separated by 15 points 

Quiz 2: General Audio-Visual Quiz 

Set and Conducted by Anannya "Dada" Deb

Format: Written elims of 30 questions. Finals comprising 44 questions - 24 on Infinite Rebounds, four Triads of 3 questions each (written)  and a 10 question round on topics to be chosen by the teams 


1st: Venkatraghavan S, Aditya Gadre and Charles: 140 pts
2nd: Arnold D'Souza, Ajay Ragde,  Pranav Pawar: 112.5 pts
3rd: Raghav C, Sachin Ravi and Omkar Dhakephalkar: 107.5 pts
4thSamrat Sengupta, BV Harish Kumar and Shantanu: 90 pts
5th: Shantanu, Venkat and Nikhil: 72.5 pts
6th: Sumeet, Shubhankar and Kaustubh*: 47.5 pts

Kunal Sawardekar and Sumeet had originally qualified but since Kunal had to leave, Sumeet picked one super-sub from the audience. 

Dada's quizzes are always entertaining and this one was no different. An excellent accessible 30 question elims and a well crafted 44 question final. One of the aspects that never disappoints in Dada's quizzes is the coverage of topics - which is always vast and the quiz is a truly "general" quiz. A small negative is that the quiz was probably slightly heavy on art and culture and bit lacking in sports. 

The 2 strikes system for each round of 12 questions also was easy going and never put any team in threat of losing out due to recklessness. 

I liked the concept of the triads - 3 questions linked in some way - most of the times the link was obvious and made it fun to work out other questions we had missed from the one odd answer we got.

Except for a couple of finger of god incidents, the quiz went off smoothly. 


Please post your feedback in the comments section. 

Thursday, January 01, 2015

BCQC.orgy aka InFest 2014-15 - Schedule

We will have our annual quiz anti-fest on 3rd and 4th Jan 2015. All events will take place at the Boat Club, College of Engineering Pune

The schedule is as follows: