Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Report on the Sustainability Quiz

Venue: PICT
QM: Ankit Chaudhary and brother, Charles Matthews
Date: 24/3/17

Sustainability was the name of the game, and many thanks to our intrepid quizmasters for allowing us to sustain our attempts at quizzing by allowing a generous general flavour to creep into the quiz. A very workoutable preliminary round coupled with generous hints and a thankfully non pedantic QM (which is rampant among certain quizmasters nowadays) meant that the finals were fun.
With questions spread across literature, the sciences, history and vexillology, the quiz did manage to promote sustainable quizzing at the end of the day.

Interesting fundae spanned from the sound dampeners next to Schipol airport to the presence of the Orient Express and hockey sticks in environmental sciences, there was much to learn about how humans have been studying mother Earth. Harambe (RIP) put in an appearance, beautiful music by Einaudi mourned our melting glaciers and places named after people ended the quiz.

It looked to be a photo finish from the very beginning, requiring a tiebreaker for first. I cracked the tiebreaker, not because I knew the answer, but because I had slept with Charles many times in the past (just kidding, I knew the answer).
Good show by all teams and it was well organised.

1st: Arnab and Aniruddh (AFMC)
2nd: Shantanu and Shubhojeet (BMCC)
3rd (tied): Sameer and Ritwick (PICT) + AISSMS Team

Report By: Arnabh from AFMC

Monday, March 20, 2017

Quiztronomy 2017 Report

Date: 12-03- 2017
Quiz: Quiztronomy
Venue: COEP
Organized by/Fest: COEP Astronomy Club
QM: Vinod Ganesh 

Result: (Out of 300 Points (30Q*10 Points)) 

1st: 205 Points, Prachetas Nayse (Open, Lone Wolf) 
2nd: 175 Points, Rohit Dhanorkar (Open, Lone Wolf) 
3rd: 135 Points, Parshuram and Yogesh (FC+Open) 
4th: 120 Points, Omkar and Pranav (Open) 
5th: 70 Points Anirudh and Hrithvik (AFMC) 
6th: 25 Points Shomik and Rahul (IISER) 


The quiz was scheduled to start at 9:30 but started around 10:15 (standard delay). The venue was Seminar Hall 2, and I was apprehensive due to the abysmal projector performance during Chakravyuh last year. However the projector did not give any problems. The laptop did. Some VGA port problem and the laptop that was chosen had a version of ppt which would crash after every question. Luckily they got a replacement by the 7th/8th question of the 25 Q prelims. The prelims was a standard written format with scattered stars about. Overall, the prelims was not bad. I would it rate it higher than the finals. This is because well, it was shorter and hence it had less scope to ask hardcore Astronomy questions ("which any astronomy enthusiast would definitely know", which I was clearly not). These include things like V808 Monoclitoris and Arcturus and stuff which was KID (Know-It- or-Die). However other questions which were derivable were well-framed and there were plenty of oblique hints in the framing. 

The prelims results were the exact same as the final results. Cut-off was 13. Prachetas got 22/25, Pranav and I qualified fourth with 15 (to give you an idea of the spread). 

Because it was Sunday, the canteens were closed. Hence we had to walk a considerable distance for wada-pav. Perhaps next time they could increase the registration to 100 and provide us snacks? In the finals, we were made to seat according to our prelims position; which surprisingly, nobody argued about. The QM was a first-timer and so was his team. This was clear from their inexperience. There were at least three score-keepers. The fifteen seconds for the pounce was timed. The pounce-checkers often consulted each-other and the QM. Many-a- times the answer expected on the ppt was much more in details than what people showed while pouncing. 

The finals had 30 Qs was divided into five 'rounds' of six questions each. The rounds were not different but just sets of six questions. Except the last which were Google Doodles. In between there seemed an abandoned slide of a proposed Astronomy in Pop-Culture Round but that was just one question. Moreover it was a not in IR format but Direct style. Which meant that Q1 was for team 1 and Q30 for team 6, irrespective of any team answering it on pass. Points were +10 for direct, +10/-10 for pounce and +5 for passing. Which also meant that after a question was debarred due to a person answering before pounce closed, they had to use the tie-breaker to substitute it. This would not have been a problem if it was just a normal IR. 

The positions of the teams did not change throughout the quiz except when Team 3 crossed Team 4 sometime in the fourth set after the latter took a negative. A majority of the questions were names of scientists, specific and scientific names of phenomena or stellar bodies. There is always the justification that after all it IS an astronomy quiz, but I disagree to the extent at which it should only be for astronomy enthusiasts. Or even if it is, fundae can be found around them or what they did. There were some which were derivable, and were nicely framed and not 100% astronomy, but they were too far and too few. Many questions were too long and latter parts contained information which would only confirm your answer if you already knew it from the first part. 

The questions were ok. The ones we did not get did not rouse curiosity. Except sungrazers. Team 1 and 2 however liked the quiz, and I felt not only because they won it, but also because they were astronomy enthusiasts. Personally, I have attended better Quiztronomies. 
One thing that was later brought to notice was the complete lack of any India question especially post the ISRO awesomeness. The take-away of the day was the Russian tradition of urinating on the wheel of the truck before lifting off got us the astronaut Yurine Gagarin. 

Report by: Omkar Dhakephalkar

1 st Edition of Invictus – The Sports Quiz


1 st – Snehashis Panda and Rishwin Jackson
2 nd – Ankit Choudhury and Arnabh Sengupta
3 rd – Shantanou Gangakhedkarr and Saahil
4 th – Rahul Kulkarni and Francy
5 th – Mayank Pawar and Nakul Ramakumar
6 th - Akshay Parale and Kaushik Koley

Report (Written by Snehashish Panda)

There couldn’t be a more fitting clash – An Open sports quiz, on a day when the flagbearers of men’s tennis ensure a flood of nostalgia. As the Raging Bull and Fedex geared up for yet another titanic clash, Rishwin Jackson and I made our away across the expressway for the inaugural edition of Invictus, COEP’s open sports quiz. Making the most of a trip that had us attempting Magister, KQA’s lone wolf quiz for college students, in the morning as well, we made our way to the auditorium just as the first question flashed on screen. 

A well-set collection of 30 questions followed, with a fair share of TCQs and nice fundae. The only qualm would be a little too much focus on the Rio Olympics, in particular, but we can give that to the QMs. 4 college teams and 2 open teams made the finals, out of a pool of 20 odd teams, with Rishwin and yours truly, leading the pack. The open regulars were missed, QFiesta and the Nadal-Federer match playing their part. 

The finals followed immediately and a long extended set lay before us, 24 +24 questions on IR. Overall, almost every major sport had it’s fair share of representation and there were a couple of gems. A couple of questions had us going “TIL”, but on the whole, it was a great effort by Omkar and Co. The finalists were bunched together at the start, but Rishwin and yours truly got hold of the lead and never let go of it. Ankit and Arnabh made a last gasp finish to finish second right ahead of Shantanu and Saahil. 

The added bonus of getting live updates from the Nadal- Federer match courtesy the organising team was pretty nice of them. Here’s to another edition. Cheers!



Set and Conducted by: Anmol Dhawan

Report written by : Pranav Joshi

Final Results:

1st - Arnold D'Souza and Pranav Pawar
2nd - Kaushik Chatterjee and Suchishree Chatterjee 
3rd - Charles Mathew and Pranav Joshi
4th - Rishwin Jackson and Aneesh
5th - Prateek Vijayavargia and Parantap Singh
6th - Shantanou Gangakhedkar and Partner

The quiz started with a 25 question preliminary round where the top 6 teams qualified into the finals. The dynamic duo of Surg Capt. Kaushik Chatterjee and his better half Suchishree Chatterjee cruised through the prelims with a 14 point header while two college teams comprising of Prateek + Parantap and Charles + Pranav followed closely behind. The cut-off for the prelims was 8 points. The prelims was a set of well framed questions albeit a bit on the tougher side. The first question started off with all teams taking the most obvious guess which turned out to be biggest Alan Davies moment. The prelims, pretty much like the entire quiz, hardly had any Peters. Overall a good start to the quiz. 

Kaushik and Suchishree Chatterjee continued their form from the prelims with a lot of early pounces in the finals. Arnold and PP upped their game for the finals, often clashing and going ahead of Kaushik and Suchishree in terms of points only to be overtaken by them again. The four other college teams on stage struggled to find their openings to attack. The short finals consisted of only 3 rounds. 2 Rounds on infinite bounce and 1 written round in between. The IR rounds had some really brilliant questions, pretty evident from the resounding applause they got from the people on and off the stage. The written round was interesting for it had 10 photos showing aerial views of different places and cities. The lack of open teams on stage meant that the QM Anmol Dhawan had to give out quite a few hints for the questions. The only thing one could complain about was the shortness of the quiz. 

The final was quite one-sided (two-sided if you're being pedantic) with the first two spots being sealed between the two Open teams right from the start. However Arnold and Pranav Pawar managed to recover from their comparatively low score in the prelims and clinch the winner's title. The third position was a hard fought battle between three college teams with Charles and Pranav pulling ahead with 5 points on the penultimate question and coming third. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

BCQC InFest 2017 Results | In-Fest-You-Us

A report by Omkar Prasannevich Dhakephalkarov
InFestYouUs, the flagship event of the annual InFest, is a Mastermind-style quiz in which participants choose a specialized topic on which they are asked ten questions. They play against everyone else, who collectively form the 'Mob'. The participant gets +1 per correct answer, and -0.5 for every answer they pass/get incorrect and the Mob answers correctly. 
With an attendance of over 30 attendees, we had a strong mob to challenge and answer in case the participant could not. The venue was a classroom in the Academic Complex at the College of Engineering, Pune, next to the COEP Boat Club.
The winner of InFestYouUs 2017 with a score of 8.5 was Omkar Yarguddi whose set was 'Spongebob Squarepants' set by Omkar Dhakephalkar. Close behind at joint second were Rahul Mohanty and Rahul Kottalgi with a score of 7 in 'Life and Works of Kanti Shah' and 'Hitchcock Films Post 1950s' respectively.
A special shout out to Yasho Tamaskar for 'Life and Works of Kanti Shah' set, Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi for 'Food History of India' set. They were well-appreciated by the participant and audience to be nominated for the 'Best InFestYouUs Set' Boatie. A special mention also to Gaurav Kohale and Prathamesh Pawar who caught everyone's attention with their performances in 'Maratha Confederacy' and 'Natural Disasters in Ancient History'.
A sincere thank you to all the quiz-setters for setting such brilliant sets for InFestYouUs. Heartfelt thanks to all the setters who could actually come and take their set. Special thanks to Samrat Sengupta who set a set despite having a surgery. Extra-special thanks to Divij Ghose, Vrushabh Gudade and COEP for providing such prompt facilities on time so early in the morning.
Proxy QMs included Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi, Aditya 'Fidel' Gadre and Omkar Dhakephalkar.

Score Sheet:

Monday, January 09, 2017

BCQC InFest 2017 Results | History-Geography Quiz

Set and conducted by: Omkar Dhakephalkar & Kunal Sawardekar
Scoring by: Pranav Joshi

Winners - Team 2 - Vinoo Sanjay, Pravin Varma and Khagendra Narayan (Draft) - 253 points
Runners up - Team 3 - Ajai Ragde , Sandeep Shankar, Pranav Pawar (Draft) - 186
Runners up - Team 4 - Aniket Khasgiwale, Aditya Gadre, Omkar Yarguddi (Draft) - 186
4th - Team 1 - Avinash Mudaliar, Rahul Kottalgi, Nadeem Ansari (Draft) - 159
5th - Team 5 - Annanya Deb, Krishnamurthi J, Ayush Agrawal (Draft) - 117
6th - Team 6 - Maitreyi Gupta, Abhinav Dasgupta, Vibhendu Tiwari (Draft) - 108

The quiz started with a 25-question written prelims, with the top 6 teams qualifying and the next 3 teams having their members drafted to the others. Team 3 took an early lead in the first third of the quiz, but by the round reversal Team 2 (who had topped the prelims) overtook them and stayed in the first position for the rest of the quiz. Team 1 put in a strong showing to reach the second place by the last third of the quiz, but some negatives on pounce let Teams 3 and 4 move past them into joint runners-up. Teams 5 and 6 also put in some inspired guesses, but lost out due to the high penalties for wrong pounces.

BC InFest 2017 Reports | Solo Open Quiz

Set and Conducted by Aditya Gadre
Scorer: Pranav Joshi

Final Results 

1st: Kunal Sawardekar - 395 pts
2nd: Rahul Kottalgi (RSK) - 330 pts
3rd: J Krishnamurthi (JK) - 295 pts
4th: Aniket Khasgiwale - 250 pts

Other Semi Finalists:

Omkar Dhakephalkar - 175 pts
Vibhendu Tiwari - 165 pts
Pranav Pawar - 165 pts
Shubhankar Gokhale - 150 pts

Other Quarter-finalists:

Kunal Thakar - 101 pts
Ajai Ragde - 94 pts
Charles Matthew - 82 pts
Divij Ghose - 77 pts
Ashwini Natu - 69 pts
Mayank Mazumdar - 67 pts
Gokul Panigrahi - 64 pts
Omkar Yarguddi - 39 pts

The quiz started with a 40 question prelim where the top 16 qualified. JK topped the elims with 23 points and Kunal and Khasgi came second with 20 points. The other 13 participants were clustered in a range of 7 points. The cut off was 13 with 3 stars (Ranajeet Soman just missed out on stars). All participants started with a score of (elims score * 3). This was followed by a a 40 question quarterfinal for the top 16. Rahul, JK and Kunal S started strongly and held their performance throughout to comfortably finish as the top 3. Rahul was leading at the end of quarters. Shubhankar and Vibhendu just scraped in with a few good answers towards the end while Kunal Thakar, making his return to Pune quizzing after years, just missed out by 10 points.

RSK, JK and Kunal continued their form from the Quarters. The semis brought slightly tougher questions - Aniket had a good run and comfortably pulled away to cement fourth place and qualification to the next round. There was quite a big gap between the top four and the next four. Kunal S really ramped up and overhauled Rahul's lead to go into the final in first place with a cushion of 25 points over Rahul. JK slipped away a bit finishing  15 points behind Rahul.

the final wsa quite one-sided (or rather one-personed) - with Kunal growing even stronger and pulling away considerably to win the quiz with 5 questions to spare. Rahul successfully held off JK to finish second quite comfortably.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Schedule for BCQC's InFest 2017

Get set for two days of non-stop antifesting! With a range of different quizzes and a selection of quizmasters to choose from (we recommend attending all, so that you can compare better), we present to you the schedule for InFest 2017.

For more details - 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Quiz-ire cat Report (IISER)

Floyd and Charles belled the Quiz-ire cat with Dhake and Pranav Pawar(PP) on 2nd, Rahul Mohanty and me(Gokul) on 3rd. 

The prelims were easy and approachable, it was easier to compare scores by how much one missed rather than how much one got. There were 20 questions, with some questions being more equal than the others (read: multiple parts and points). There was an obligatory question with an answer as Caravan referencing the IISER event Karavan where the quiz was held. Top 6 teams qualified for the finals, with possibly the highest cut-offs for any quiz.
Apart the above 3 teams, we had Divij+? from COEP, Rohini+Harshad from IISER and an AFMC team. 

Finals had 2 Long connects(which was 1 too many IMO!) sandwiched between 2 infinite bounce rounds with pounce. The ranks remained steady (with the top 3 teams staying on top) barring a few surges due to a freakish long connect scoring. 

Overall, excellent content and hosting. Clearly, the setters had put in a fair amount of work. Enjoyed the questions. There was a decent audience presence who got to answer the few questions which went unanswered.

There was a big gap between elims(11-12) and finals(4-6) with both having 1/2 hour delays. Organisers had a time-crunch due to external factors and 1 round was skipped. (But we got to see it later, while we waited for the prizes)
Also, rules and scoring for 2 rounds were very skewed. 
For instance,
 the penultimate round had +100/-0 for a 10 slide long connect on which 2 teams got lucky on the first try and hence went on to win the quiz; there was not enough scope for other teams to catch up after this. 
 In contrast, there was also an audio round with written individual hints(direct qs) and an overall theme which was overly complicated by differential scoring and negative points. This ended up as the least scoring round for the teams, despite having about 13 parts to answer.

1: Charles, Pranav Joshi 
2: Omkar Dhakephalkar, Pranav Pawar
3: Gokul Panigrahi, Rahul Mohanty 

CoEP E-Cell’s Biz Quiz Report

QM’s – Vrushabh Gudade & Mihir Mogra

1 st Place – Chinmay Tadwalkar & Divij Ghose (140 points)

2 nd Place – Deepak Chandel & Joel D’Souza (120 points)

3 rd Place – Akshay Parale & Omkar Borate (105 points)

4 th Place – Avaneendra Bhargava & Nikhil Motlag (95 points)

5 th Place – Pranav Joshi & Deven Deshpande (60 points)

6 th Place – Rohan Tikoo and his partner (55 points)

Report written by – Omkar Borate

An Open Biz – Quiz, which was organized by CoEP BHAU’s E – Cell, as a part of their E Weekend, took

place at Academic Complex, CoEP on 23 rd October, 2016. The quiz had some really nice and workable

fundaes, barring few peters and hence was a nice quiz overall.

The QM’s were novices and being an open quiz, they were pried upon by the seasoned quizzers, due to

which they lost control of the proceedings at times, for which they made up by putting up a fantastic set

of workable questions. Also, the turnout was quite low considering the fact that it was an open quiz.

The elims had 20 questions, with few very peters and sitters. The elims were logo heavy and there were

many India Biz fundaes. Few good questions were FICCI, Israel currency, Amul girl whereas the peters

were Housing.com, Barcode. The highest score was 14 whereas the cut off was 10. Special mention to

Gokul Panigrahi and Supraditya Biswas as they missed the finals on sudden death. Also, special mention

to Mayank Pawar and Nakul Ramakumar as they missed the finals by 1 point. The elims cutoff could

have been higher considering the elims were easy and workable.

The finals had three sets, with the 1 st set being a written round, which was about identifying the

advertiser, which was an easy set. Almost all teams scored high in this set. Next, there were 20

questions in IR form, with some nice fundaes like London Taxi Company, 3D Hologram, Hershey, etc. The

final set was pretty interesting with two parts questions, which too had some nice fundaes like Charles

Darwin, Nike, etc.

The team of Divij & Chinmay continued their dominance from elims and finished first by leading the

table from beginning. The other teams played well and there was a constant tussle for the remaining

positions. Overall, a good quiz and kudos to QM’s for setting up a nice quiz.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Quiz Report - 'Q' ILS State Level Quiz 2016

'Q' at ILS Law College- 3/9/16
QM(s): Sruthi and Shravya Darbhamulla
Post-quiz discussion.
SCENE: A dimly lit room. Like the BJ auditorium (the backdrop for further SCENES). Pizza slices and empty pizza boxes lying around. A mobile screen with cheesy Thumbprints open on an incomplete review oN Zomato.
Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi (hereinafter referred to as 'Floyd' for the purpose of brevity and convenience): "I felt it was a good quiz. Good fundae." He takes a pause. An ominous pause. "However. . . framing needs a lot of help. Sravya / sruthi lost control of the proceeding." Unpausing and ceaseless, he continued ". . . and a quizmaster should never let that happen." However, an optimist at his cholesterol filled heart, he says in the same laboured breath, "With more experience of hosting they should get better at this. I enjoyed."   
ENTER: A dashing young gentleman, hurriedly closing the door behind his cohorts of female fans. White teeth gleaming in the flittering TV screen. Spectacles shining.                      
 COEP Aman: Not to mince his words he says "Personally felt that quiz was more history biased. Very few ent questions in finals." Adjusts the cable wire. Floyd has yet get a DTH connection. Despite this annoyance, he agrees with Floyd."Need serious help with framing."                         
 BCQC Floyd: Awakens from his recurring Cheese Coma. "Oh yeah. Extreme history / polity bias. Law even"
APPEARS: A mouse-like brainiac till now hidden inside the layers of leather of the sofa.                           
 COEP Divij Ghose: His meek voice, filled with authority speaks out. As usual, words of wisdom fall out in his deadpan tone, "Since I was in the audience, I'd also like to bring up the point of an absolute lack of audience engagement"                        
BCQC SPDP: (Suraj Prabhudesai, referred to as 'BCQC SPDP' for the purpose of brevity, convenience, acronynymity and crispy delicious taste. Also, where did he come from? He was always there) "Yeah, the answers to the written rounds should have been asked to the audience before revealing the answers. By the end of the quiz there were like 6 people in the audience"                         
 AFMC Anmol Dhawan: (Oh he was also always there) Licks his lips. Giving a quiz review: one of his favourite past times. Dishes out two even before breakfast. For this one, he is already ready. Opens his cigarette case. Takes out a thin white cylinder of parchment. Smells it lengthwise. Slowly unrolls it. The ink is still fresh. Everyone stops breathing, as he reads it out, "Good fundas. Topics could have been more representative. Like Pranav said," of course he already knew what Pranav would say, "history-politics was more dominant. One thing where they could have improved was execution and  confidence. They frequently seemed confused and proceeded to consult each other - where they'd discuss whether to give part points or full points etc. They could have definitely been more confident in that regard. All in all, a pretty enjoyable quiz, though. Prelims were really good, in my opinion, though we missed a ton of sitters." Always ready to accept his mistakes, his words carried extra weight. "The quality of questions themselves was good. The topics could have been more representative, like I said before. If they were to host another quiz next month, I would definitely go for it."                         
 COEP Aman: The discussion was its apex. "Extending on the framing point, I felt they were unclear on what they wanted from the question. As in what qualified as bouncing for better answer and what was enough to give points."                         
 AFMC Anmol Dhawan: "I agree."
Fade out. Black out.
1st: NJZ (Nikhil Joseph Zacharias)+1 (SLS):  240 (appox.)
2nd: Aman Shaikh and DJ (Dhananjay Jagtap) (COEP): 190
3rd: Anurag+1 (AFMC): 187.5
4th: Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi and Charles Matthews (Modern+PICT): 180
5th+6th: Two AFMC Teams, one being Anmol Dhawan's

This script was adapted from a Whatsapp conversation by Omkar Dhakephalkar for purposes of general awareness and education. It the author's purpose, belief and hope that it be used by future quizmasters/setters and quizzers for improving their quizzes, learning from opinions and enshrine the glory of Mankind by hearkening a new Golden Age of Pune Quizzing.