Sunday, October 20, 2019

Session Note: Sunday, 13th October 2019

This Sunday too, we had a regular session being conducted at the Boat Club of COEP (for the lack of a better venue). Sai Ganesh's Pop Ki Kamai set was proctored by Gokul Panigrahi.
It was a very good set from Sai Ganesh with a significant weightage being given to Indian Pop Culture. It was conducted in a shoutout format.

After this set Gokul also ran his personal sets: one SciTech and one General. All in all a great session. No better way to spend a lazy Sunday evening.

Note by: Prajot Patne.

In attendance
Gokul Panigrahi
Prajot Patne
Nikhil Jadhav

Friday, October 11, 2019

Session Note: Sunday, 6th October 2019

Last BCQC Sunday (6th October) brought forth another afternoon session,  Quizmasters Aditya Singh and Gokul Panigrahi put out four Applause-worthy sets.
Gokul went first, starting with a QFI gen quiz.
This was soon followed by Aditya's heavily- Film and Literature influenced Questions with an equal dosage of intensive Pop Cult trivia, including a set from DQC as well!
The last lap saw Gokul taking the reins once again with another QFI Gen set and a  SciTech set, bringing a well executed end to yet another lovely session 
The members went for the obvious choice of shout-out style that more than made up for the human presentee at the time. 
Indeed a most engaging, informative and well spent Sunday afternoon. 

Note by: Nikita Bhakre
In attendance:
Aditya Singh, BITS
Gokul Panigrahi
Nikita Bhakre
Prajot Patne
Vrushabh Gudade
Pranav "Floyd" Joshi

Monday, September 23, 2019

Session Note: Sunday, 22nd September 2019

It was another balmy afternoon of the unseasonal September of 2019. Quorum was reached by 1530 and we settled down to conduct the first set of 30 MELA questions by Nikita Bhakare from ILS Law College, Pune. Selecting a long table in the canteen, teams were forwent in favour of having a shout-out session. A twist in the tale, wherein the canteen adhikari was asked to shut down the canteen and kick everyone out, forced us to take a Mosaical journey through the campus in search of a promised land. We were led by the BCQC-the COEP Quiz Club head, (quite appropriately named in this case) Disha, in this journey to the Riverside Relaxation Area (West) in the New Academic Building.

There we procured a table and Nikita ran her questions. The questions were fun and engaging. An excellent debut. Her last question was an acapella connect of Zimmer music. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed guessing and just watching the video. Props to Gokul for getting his speaker.

This was followed by another 30 questions by Ritoban Maitra from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Also conducted in the shout-out fashion, these questions too marked an excellent BCQC debut. Each question had multiple parts, sometimes connected, sometimes not. The hive-mind of the quizzing collective buzzed together to answer the questions. Though MELA, there was a generous Gen proportion as well.

At this time, just as we were wrapping up, Gokul pulled out 20 questions form the Tata Crucible Elims. Yaay! While these were being answered, a few had to understandably leave due to other commitments. But keeping balance, like a Lost Tribe, we had Aastha and Chaitanya join us. Because we had been displaced, they spent time searching for us and arrived at the end.
Note: Update location when displaced from the Boat Club.
For them, Omkar Dhakephalkar ran another 10 questions from his phone and the session was wrapped up.

Overall, another fun Sunday.

In attendance:

Nikita Bhakare
Ritoban Maitra
Chinmay from SLS
Aditya, BITS
Disha, head of BCQC-the COEP Quiz Club
Atharva Soman, COEP
Prajot Patne, COEP
Boshitwa, Talentica
Gokul Panigrahi
Omkar Dhakephalkar

Monday, September 16, 2019

Session Note: Sunday, 15th September 2019

After an unbrief hiatus, BCQC had a Sunday session on the 15th of September 2019. The quizmasters for the afternoon were Venkat "VCat" Srinivasan and Samiran Mondal who collectively conducted appox. 100 questions.
The weather was a perfect Pune afternoon, but the hint of rain forced us to preemptively take refuge in the adjacent canteen. Quorum was met by 1510 and so Vcat started his quiz by 1515. He ran fun, swift, general sets which he conducted at his workplace. Though some of the "current events" questions were dated (he ran sets he conducted since June), he gave us enough hints to crack them.
After his set, which was a shout-out, Samiran ran a proper elims+IR quiz. We had four teams of two so the quiz ran for a good while. Some really nice fundae were garnished with hard-core stuff.
We wrapped up the session by 1815.

It was a pleasure to see some new faces: ex-BITSians as well as from SLS, and good ol' regulars.
Overall, a fun afternoon.

In attendance:
Samiran Mondal
Venkat "VCat" Srinivasan
Anirudh, ex-BITsian
Aditya, BITS
Chinmay from SLS
Ritoban from SLS
Vrushabh Gudade
Gokul Panigrahi
Omkar Dhakephalkar

Sunday, May 12, 2019

BC Cup 2019 - Report

Set by Aditya Gadre, Aniket Khasgiwale and Yash Marathe

Format: 30 question elim to determine the 8 quarter finalists. 60 question quarter to determine the top 4 for the semi finals. 40 question semi-final to determine the top 2. A 28 question final to determine the winner.

The 11th edition of the BC Cup saw about as strong a field as last year. The elims turned out to be bit on the tougher side and Anannya Deb topped with 15.5 points. All other qualifiers were bunched together and the cut off was 10.5 with 2.5 stars. Rajiv Rai just missed out qualification on stars. 

The Quarter Finals

The top 8 in the quarter finals were:
Prithwish Datta, Deepanjan Deb, Venkatraghavan S (Ingit Sir), Suraj Menon, Anannya Deb, Saahil Sharma, Samrat Sengupta, Anand Sivashankar

Suraj, Prithwish and Anannya were a different league and led from start to finish to very comfortably take the top three spots in the quarter finals. All other qualifiers were in the hunt till the very end, with us going into the last question of the quarters with a three-way tie between Samrat, Deepanjan and Ingit Sir. Samrat got knocked out in the tie breaker - but we needed 4 sudden death questions to finally resolve the tie between Deepanjan and Ingit sir. Ingit sir prevailed with a good cricket answer and ensured the semis were a repeat of last year's line up.  

The Semi Finals: 

The top 4 were: Suraj, Ingit sir, Anannya and Prithwish

Ingit sir started well - but Suraj took his game to another level and won the Semis very comfortably. Anannya and Prithwish were tied at 4 points a piece going into the last 2 questions of the quarters. Anannya missed a question on Indian football and Prithwish answered corrected to narrowly go ahead. The last question went unanswered and Prithwish took up the second spot in the finals - another repeat of last year's final . 

The Finals:

Prithwish and Suraj faced off in the BC Cup final for the third year running  - they have been the dominant performers at this quiz - and this final was one for the ages. Prithwish won the toss and went first - he scored on the first question itself to put pressure on Suraj. Suraj too answered his first home question and leveled things. No one scored in the second home leg for Prithwish and we went into the last 7 questions tied and potentially heading to another penalty shootout (like 2017). Prithwish pulled out an outrageous cricket answer to score an away goal meaning Suraj had to score both his last questions to win. Suraj answered the penultimate question to tie the scores on aggregate - but he needed another one to win. The last question went un-answered to give Prithwish the win that has eluded him for the last two years. 

BC Cup Winner 2019: Prithwish Datta 
Runner Up: Suraj Menon 

List of BC Cup Winners:
2009: Sameer Deshpande and Suraj Menon
2010: Anannya Deb
2011: Anannya Deb
2012: Sumant Srivathsan
2013: Ramkey V
2014: Prithwish Datta
2015: Samrat Sengupta
2016: Shrirang Raddi
2017: Suraj Menon
2018: Suraj Menon
2019: Prithwish Datta

Friday, January 11, 2019

InFest 2019 reports | The Undecided Quiz

Slot: Sunday, 6-1-2019, Evening.
Quiz: The Undecided Quiz
Flavour: Gen
QM(s): Pranav ‘Floyd’ Joshi, Charles Matthew
Format: Teams of 2. Written elims, followed by finals with draft.

1. Aditya Gadre and Arnold D’Souza  + Ankita (Draft): 250 points
2. Kunal Sawardekar and Divij Ghose + Vrushabh Gudade and Prajot Patne (Drafts): 125 points
3. Ajai Ragde and Sandeep Shankar + Vencat Srinivasan (Draft): 110 points

The Undecided Review

(This review was hurriedly written minutes before the deadline set by Comrade Dhakephalkar, in homage to the quiz being reviewed here.)

“A quiz only works out if one of the two setters is that annoying guy who keeps pushing the other one to set questions and get the work done. Neither of us (Floyd and Charles) is that person.”
: Pranav “Floyd” Joshi, kinda

The surprise, then, is that it actually turned out to be a decent (and more importantly, complete) quiz. The prelims were quite enjoyable: a mixture of well framed questions, a couple of peters, and the occasional know-it-or-you-don’t question. Overall, most questions were workout-able. Turnout was the same as the earlier quizzes, unfortunately. Top 6 teams went to the finals, but draft pick ensured that everyone present in the room participated in the finals.

Finals started with an 11 question IR, all of which were well framed and largely workout-able. Next was a written round on classic books badly explained by minimalism, with a bonus for getting all books and authors right. The round proved to be little of a challenge for Lit Gawds, and hence there were teams that scored the full 45 points. The second IR was as enjoyable as the first one, with some really good, well-framed fundaes. The second written round was on movie posters inspired by famous works of art, with bonus points for identifying all artworks and their respective painters. Again, if you are an Art Gawd, not much of a challenge for you, since this round too had a team scoring the full 45 points. I’m tempted to write that I wish the written rounds were more General , but this was after all an undecided quiz, so there’s nothing wrong with the QMs setting rounds specific to their taste.
Lastly, there was a long connect, with points for individual questions. Personally, I don’t have a favourable opinion about long connects, and this one didn’t do much to change that opinion. The individual questions were essentially elements on an exhaustive list, with the list being the connect. If you know the funda, you get the connect. Nothing to work out. Maybe I’m being too salty, considering the fact that a couple of teams did attempt and get the connect.

To summarize, I would say that this quiz occupies a niche: it was better than a good college quiz, but perhaps not as good as a good open quiz. The fact that the winning team (an open team) scored twice as much the team in second position (a college team) probably proves my argument.
Maybe I’m being too critical. Maybe not. I am, after all….undecided (sorry).

Report by
: Divij Ghose

Winning Team with QMs

InFest 2019 reports | The Italia Quiz

Slot: Sunday, 6-1-2019, Afternoon.
Quiz: The Italia Quiz
Flavour: Italian
QM(s): Omkar Yarguddi and Avaneendra Bhargav
Format: Teams of 2. Written.

1. Kunal Sawardekar and Divij Ghose: 21 points
2. Aditya Gadre and Arnold D’Souza: 20 points
3. Ajai Ragde and Sandeep Shankar: 17 points

They went. They came back. They set this quiz.
Avaneendra and Omkar returning from their Italy tour put together this 30 question set. From ancient cities to renaissance art to modern carmakers – the set had a well-balanced mix of Italian culture questions and Italy in pop-culture questions.
Except for the question where the answer to a previous question was mentioned in it, the questions were very well framed.
The quiz was a nice post-lunch refresher between two full quizzes.
Report by: Pranav Pawar

QM with half the winning team.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Lone Wolf Quiz at InFest 2019

Akela, A Kela - The Solo Quiz 
Set and conducted by Omkar Dhakephalkar

Format: Written elims followed by a very complicated finals for top 8 (details below)

1st: Kunal Sawardekar
2nd: Aditya Gadre
3rd: Samrat Sengupta
4th: Pranav Pawar

Other finalists: Sandeep Shankar, Omkar Joshi, Arnold D'Souza and Gokul Panigrahi

Omkar set this year's edition as the reigning Solo quiz champ from 2018. The quiz started with a nice elims set (a bit on the tougher side) which did a good job of separating the top 8 from the rest. The quiz saw a huge turnout - almost packed room with several benches needing to be double loaded.

In the finals, Omkar unleashed a super fun, crazy format for the quiz. There would be a series of written "BLED" rounds featuring questions on Businessmen, Lawyers, Engineers and Doctors (or as Omkar put it "the only four meaningful professions in the world"). Each correct answer in these rounds would earn you a card with certain special powers. The Businessman card let you double the points on a question, the Lawyer card let you give multiple answers for a question, the Engineer card let you attempt only a part of the question for points, and the Doctor card allowed you to pounce without a negative. These were on randomised coloured cards. And one could use only the cards available for the colour that was indicated on the question.

While originally skeptical, once we got the hang of it, the finalists had a great time in strategising and using their cards wisely or at least comically.

The bottom two finalists would get eliminated after the 24th and the 32nd question. This led to some interesting permutations especially with the usage of the cards.

The content of the quiz was interesting and wide ranging. And as a good solo quiz should be, was quite extensive and long.

As for the results, Kunal topped the elims and led for the whole quiz. Once or twice there was some hope for Pranav and Aditya but everytime, Kunal pulled away to an unassailable lead. All in all, a very fun quiz by Omkar and congrats to Psaw, Pune's most dominant solo quizzer, for a second win in three years.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

InFest 2019 Reports | The Military Quiz, Mk. 1

Slot: Sunday, 6-1-2019, Morning.
Quiz: The Military Quiz, Mk. 1
Flavour: Military
QM: Kunal Sawardekar
Format: Teams of 2. Written elims, followed by finals with draft.

1. Col. Sandeep Shankar, Ajai Ragde + Gokul Panigrahi (Draft)
2. Mihir and Shrirang Raddi + Col. Anand Karve (Draft)
3. Divij Ghose (Solo) + Prajot, Saqib and Samarth (Drafts)

Due to it being a Sunday Morning quiz, the attendance was low, but as the day warmed up, quizzers trickled in till quorum was fulfilled. The quizmaster for this eagerly awaited quiz was Kunal Sawardekar, the Military Gawd of Pune.

We had about 10 teams by the time the quiz started. What was great was we had specific attendance thanks to the topic chosen. Otherwise-non-quizzers turned up with their big guns, ready to prosecute the quiz to victory. There were 24 questions in the elims, with the last 4 having two answers each, so two-pointers. From the start there was a clear gap between the top teams (15+) and the teams that just made through (8+). This would not change much through the finals. The questions were topical and hence it is difficult to measure the easiness unless one is a specialist. However, there was a generous mix of derivable, interesting fundae and kolstylez thrown in for the fanatics.

Top 6 teams were taken into the finals. But staying true to his generosity and kindness as a QM and the fact that ‘Draft’ just played into the quiz, everyone was incorporated into the teams. The draftees were given the choice to choose their regiment. I am ambivalent towards this aspect at least.

The finals consisted of IRs interspersed with written rounds. Not much to complain about. All the questions were thoroughly enjoyed. 40 in all, at question number 20 there was a round reversal. There was close competition between pairs of teams for every spot. It was only until a few negatives put the Raddis behind, that the slow and steady team of Ajai and Shankar Sir marched to triumph. Weapons, armour, tactics and history, all were well-covered. Pouncing was fun and negatives did not seem to subtract enthusiasm, such was the research put into the quiz.

The first written round was a List it! of all non-posthumous PVC winners. This was a personal gripe of course and I guess not mine only. Had forgotten to rote-learn those. This created a huge margin of difference early on (before the 20th Q) with a few teams missing only one and a few getting none .
The second written round was much more fun: Air Force roundels.

Overall a brilliant pre-lunch quiz which whetted the appetite for the quizzes later in the afternoon.

Report by: Omkar Dhakephalkar

Winners with QM