Sunday, February 01, 2004

Question of the Week - I

A new section that has one of our/my most favourite questions, accompanied by a small analysis on what makes it so good. To start off, this week has an old BC chestnut:

Q: "He lies here somewhere" is rumoured to be the epitaph on whose grave?

A: Werner Heisenberg, most famously remembered as the physicist behind one of quantum theory's most famous credos, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

Like most good questions, this has an economy of words and facts, revealing just enough to make it both entertaining and deducible. "Uncertainty" is the one motif that emerges out of a statement with the qualifier "somewhere". Yes, it may be construed as unfair to those with no familiarity with physics, but the Uncertainty Principle is famous enough to be known by well-read laymen. And like most good questions, a revelation of the answer in case it goes unanswered will draw a gasp of appreciation from most.

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