Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Testing new Blogger Features

Testing new Blogger Features

This is a test! Believe me!


Ramanand said...

Ok, so I have to go elsewhere to leave comments

Ramanand said...

So now all comments will be seen on the same page.

anantha said...

This does not work for me.. I mean I cant ever see on the main page that someone left comments! JR! HELP ME..

Abhishek said...

Forwarding official request to quash his asbolutely crap commenting service and to revert back to the original !!
This is the first time 'google is being evil ' needing user to register before even commenting !!!

Shame on google

Salil said...

Do we have to get the signature of the UC co-ordinator before 30th? And who is the Pune co-ordinator - the website says Ramanand Janardhanan and the email says Jotica Sehgal?

Ramanand said...

Salil, I have no clue about these red-tape actions.
Yes, 'tis me who's the Pune coordinator. Just turn up that day at the venue.