Friday, June 11, 2004

UCQ Results

Kunal S. alerts about the results of UCQ (this link)which aren't great if you are a Pune quizzer. No Pune team made it to the list of 24, but AFMC (#26) and VIT(#28) are the two standby teams. There goes my career as a quizzing psephologist too.

Looking at the other results, two guys who took their elims in Pune (K. Anil Kumar - IIM-Cal and Kiritee Mishra from IIT-Kanpur) made it. Interesting to note that old pal Sidharth Chauhan from ILS Bangalore has made it too. Can see a few other ex-MMI participants as well. Incidentally, no teams from ISB (on standby), MDI or last year's winners SPCE seem to have been selected.

Best wishes to the teams.

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