Monday, December 13, 2004

BC Infest - III

Updated: 15 Dec, Wed

Annual excuse to get BC quizzers together and quiz for fun. Not very formal though. Tentative schedule as below:

18th Dec - Sat - 10:30 am:

1. Quiz by Harish
2. India Quiz by Ramanand
3. Quiz by George
4. Quiz by Salil
5. Words quiz by Manish Mahajan

26th Dec - Sun - 11:00 am:

"Headbutting Lone Wolf" quiz by Ramanand

1st Jan - Sat - 12:30 pm

1. Quiz by Samrat
2. Quiz by Shrirang

All timings & dates are sadly tentative but we hope to stick to them by and large. Will update this post in case of changes.

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