Thursday, January 27, 2005

AFMC Silhouettes

Sports Quiz

Winners: Rohits Bahulekar and Chandrachud

Second: Siddharth Dani and Anupam Akolkar (VIT)

Third: Vasukeshav and Chandrakanth (AFMC)

Also: Vishwadeep + 1 (AIT), Srinivas and Aditya (MESCOE)

Trivia Quiz

Winners: Shivaji Marella (BJMC) and Ashish Chauhan (AFMC)

Second: Kunal Sawardekar and Puranjay Parchure

Third: Vasukeshav and Chandrakant (AFMC)

Also: Kunal Thakar and Ganesh Hegde (VIT), Siddharth Kar and Anupam Pande (BJMC)

India Quiz

Winners: Ashish Chauhan + 1 (AFMC)

Second: Salil Bijur and Ganesh Hegde (VIT)

Third: Vasukeshav and Cahndrakant (AFMC)

Also: Harshavarshan Ketkar (VIT) and Abhishek Nagraj (PIET), Ashish Thakre and Sangita Subnis (FC), AFMC.

Entertainment Quiz

Winners: Kunal Sawardekar and Puranjay Parchure (FC)

Second: Aditya Udas and Harshavardhan (MESCOE)

Third: Salil Bijur and Kunal Thakar (VIT)

Also: Vasukeshav and Chandrakant (AFMC), Aditya and Nitin (MESCOE), AFMC

- Please feel free to point out spelling mistakes and omissions.

- The analyses of these quizzes can be put up on demand.

1 comment:

Siddhartha Kar said...

New kids on the block...
Speaking of omissions...for the record the 2nd BJMC team that made the Trivia Quiz finals and stood an ungainly 6th and last with a solitary answer, had me and a certain Anupam Pande on it! Also looking forward to your opinions about Verve (Who are the chairman and MD of GAIL?!).