Monday, August 29, 2005

SCOE Pinnacle Quiz

Organised by: SCOE Electronics Department.


1st: Puranjay Parchure and Kunal Sawardekar (Fergusson)

2nd: Siddharth Dani and Kunal Thakar (VIT)

3rd: Anupam Akolkar and Abhishek Nagraj (VIT & COEP/PIET)

Also: Kapeesh Saraf and Vineet Bhatawadekar (COEP/PIET), Unknown Team (VIT)


- The quiz was quite decent, more so because it was a fiirst effort for all those involved. However, any goodwill the new SCOE junta might have earned today wassquandered by all the delays and technical snags.

- The finals questions were ok, but the scoring system made it unnecessarily arbit. They had a weird funda that the first two rounds had forty mark questions, the next two sixty mark questions, the next two eighty markers, and the last four had one hundred mark questions. However, the difficulty level never really varied, and we got some real sitters direct in the seventh and eighth rounds, which was chiefly responsible for our victory. Oh, and they had D&P, so you had X per direct answered, and 1/2 X per passed question. The scorers really had a good time inthis quiz.

- There was a wall of secrecy around the elims answers, and they have not yet been disclosed.

- The quiz followed the usual SCOE Electronics Department tradition of having an acrostic for the answers on the elim sheets. However, since the acrostic was the name of Richie Benaud's autobiography, it helped no one.

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