Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Shyam Bhat Quiz 2005

(a.k.a Pune's Oldest Quiz) Date : 12th Nov.
Venue : Dewang Mehta Aud, PSPL.
Conducted by: Major Brijesh Nair

Results :

1. Major Shankar, Sudarshan Purohit (SuperSub : Niranjan Pedanekar)
2. Vasukeshav Sharma and Chandrakant Nair
3. Ganesh Hegde and Ashish Chauhan
4. Anand Shivashankar and Meghashyam Shirodkar
5. Aditya Udas and Anupam Akolkar
6. Safal Mohammad & Vivek Philip
7. Siddharth Dani and Abhishek Nagaraj (a.k.a Dhoni ko kaun Taal sakta hai ? )

Smart Ass Comments:

Niranjan added another feather to an already burgeoning cap by becoming the first ever substitute in (pune?)quizzing. Thus becoming the superest sub since the super one, replacing Major Shankar midway through the quiz. Please contact the partners-in-crime for exact details of the time, nakshatra and positions of planets when this happened, for future reference.

This quiz saw the forging of a new 'harlem globetrotters' in quizzing. Herald the age of the ANNAarchists.

And yes - Brijesh Sir, did a great job - toughest elims in a long time (cutoff 6/50), lots of new topics (photography, architecture, travel journals) and and also some stuff which I may call arbit, some may not.

PS : Pls. comment as to the quiz - I'm sure there is lots more to be said.


Abhishek said...

Hey - had to delete the duplicate post - here's the only comment on that one . . .
Ramanand said...
u want to be careful before saying "in quizzing" - say "pune quizzing" to be safe. I can't remember another e.g. though - but have a sneaky feeling it may have happened. I am not including cases where I qualified for scam bhatt (as it was known in the intervening years) alone and invited salil gokhale to join me - anand also qualified alone once - i don't know if he had a partner.

I think it was the "respect for elders" as NP put it - fat chance of it happening to others :-)

5:39 PM

Salil said...

The quiz was a classic AFMC quiz. The questions are mostly *unworkable* but many a times have really interesting pieces of trivia - so it definitely isnt boring.

A qn I liked:
Two reporters of the New York Tribune were the first ones to actually popularize the 1857 first war of Indian independence by supporting the cause of the Sepoys involved in the mutiny. Who were they?

Ans: Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

I was quite sceptic about this one. Googling gave me this:

On a side note, I wonder if the ANNArchists (Aditya+Anupam) could be given permanent finalists status - at least for the sake of entertainment ;-) !

Abhishek said...

Also see :hors d'oeuvre

niranjan said...

Thanks Brijesh, for a good old-fashioned quiz. Enjoyed it a lot (especially, the super-sub part ;)) My thanks and apologies to everyone on stage who granted me the favour.
The quiz was a mixture of the esoteric and the generic, apart from the classical trivia. Once upon a time, AFMC/FC/COEP - all quizzes used to be like this and used to model themselves on Quiz Time and the home quiz of the QT winners, i.e. Shyam Bhat. The only difference was that I used to get a much more respectable score in the elims in those times ;))
Though personally like the newer style of 'workable' quizzing, it is heartening to see a quiz that TRULY belongs to the earlier era, wherein the difficulty balance of the quiz could not be questioned so easily. However (as a gentle warning to the quiz-setters of the newer era), an attempt to mix the gettable and the workable may land one with that problem.

Anirudh said...

If the cutoff was 6/50 it means the prelims weren't particularly good. That's way too tough.

niranjan said...

I think the low score reflects on how little we 'know' these days.

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

When could the rest of the world expect the questions on Inquizitive? This is gonna be interesting.