Monday, January 16, 2006

IMS Quotient

1st: Fergusson: Kunal Sawardekar, Puranjay Parchure, Rachana
2nd: VIT (1): Harsh Ketkar, Rashmi Vadanagare, Nilay Puntambekar

Also: Symbiosis Law, VIT (2), Sinhagad COE, Wadia

This was the Pune leg of the IMS Quotient (IQ) Quiz. The winners go to Delhi for the grand final on 14th Feb. More details here.

QM: Charanpreet Singh

Comments: {Will be put up soon.}


Ramanand said...

The questions were mostly decent, though some qns could have been better framed and thus have been less vague to the teams. D&P was used and teams like Salil-Siddharth-Kunal (VIT-2) were affected by that - they got atleast 4 v. tough qns on directs.

The qns were fairly spread over topics - there were the odd great qns but rest wax a mix of old nuggets + ok ones - that's how a scalable college national quiz usually is. But it was better than I expected.

Was happy to see a Hindi f&m round! :-) Puranjay's good work in that round made the difference for "Furgusson" College, IMO.

The next generation from VIT announced their arrival, and had it not been for missing Eric Cantona and a couple of other easy ones, could well have taken the quiz.

Good luck to the FC guys at the final.

Dipankar Goswami said...

If u don't mind can i get some of the questions that were asked in IMS quiz. Thanks,

mithun said...

same here.. pls mail me the questions along with answers if u dont mind..