Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quiz-O-Mania 2006 Results & Comments


1st: Kunal Sawardekar and Shamanth Rao
2nd: Niranjan Pedanekar and Sudarshan Purohit
3rd: Gaurav Sabnis and Ganesh Hegde
Other finalists: J. Ramanand and B.V.Harishkumar, Meghashyam Shirodkar and Aditya Udas, Abhishek Nagaraj and Shriniwas Kulkarni

Quiz organised and conducted by: VIT (Anupam-Kunal Thakar-Salil-Siddharth)

Report and Comments

* Kunal and Shamanth creamed the opposition in this quiz by a whopping margin - Niranjan and Sud made a good late comeback to snap up 2nd spot
* Must say that the poor auditorium facilities ruined any viewing pleasure for audience and participants - it made good questions feel ok and bad questions terrible
* A little disappointed overall with the questions - a lot of repeats/known trivia
* A few excellent questions, but drowned in the cacophony - Nepal massacre, Asterix-Tour de France, Schengen visa etc. come to mind
* Avoidable snafus meant that last year's effort outshone this time's.

Others please chip in.


Abhishek said...

Junta(salil,kunal) - Pls to add music quiz results.

Also add neverland Q to the great Q list.

Gaurav said...

I would add the razzie visual too.

But yes, I agree that this quiz was not a patch on last year's. If you want to make the long length of the quiz its USP, you also need to ensure that the quality is maintained. Many were repeats or sitters. At least 20, I would say.

Yes, the audi really sucked A. Its corrodinates will be sent to the Pakistani pilots.

Ganesh Hegde said...

I personally liked the catcher in the rye question,and the razzie question(partly because we were about to f$%#k it up!!).also liked the iskander mirza ,and safdar hashmi questions.
audi sucked like a newborn baby.

Sudarshan said...

Yes, yes, add details of the music quiz - I have some comments on that one >:).