Wednesday, March 15, 2006


- COEP Fervor(sic) Technical Quiz

Organized By :

Kapeesh Saraf, Aseem Deodhar, Kunal

Results :

1. Siddharth and Anupam(VIT)
2. Kunal T and Rashmi (VIT)
3. Kunal S and Arnold (FC + VIT)
4. Abhishek and Vineet (COEP)
5. Akshay Adya and Anay (COEP)
6. Sushant and Neeraj. (COEP)

Comments :

A tech-trivia quiz, with some funda based questions. Overall decent stuff.
Junta who attended, pls put more comments.

1 comment:

Kunal T said...

I still haven't received the prize money! Kapeesh, show me the money.

The quiz was good. A very good mix of questions. Quite a few 'peters' though.