Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Sahara Aamby Valley City Brand Equity Quiz 06

Conducted by : Derek O' Brien
Date : 9th April, Sun.
Location: Sahara Aamby Valley City

Results : 1st Place - Goldman Sachs (Bangalore)
2nd Place - UTI Bank (Mumbai)
3rd Place - KPMG (Chennai)

Comments: Derek sprung a big surprise by having IR. This itself, added to the fact that he was in full form implementing the 'militaristic' theme fully as General RAMDI(RAMSKI?), parodies and usual leg-pulling made it a fun experience overall.

There were of course bad questions(esp. the AVs, which mostly involved muted/beeped out brand names in various unrelated movies/songs) However some questions were nice, and overall the surroundings did help lift up the mood of the average spectator.

The drive up to Amby Valley (to use a now obselte term) is quite spectacular to say the least, and it does quite help to have a member of a co-quizzer's family to drive you till there ;-)

Also to mention that Dhammo and Dhananjay narrowly missed out on the grand prize, and note, for future reference how Tamilian(South-Indian?) pronounciations can rob you of some considerable richess. (Note : Detailed teams to be put up later)


D said...

What is IR?
What is this about South Indian pronunciations?

Still asking questions!

Abhishek said...

ok, to clarify - here's what I thought, didn't you know the name of the village was 'Ambavadi' but somehow that didn't come out and Derek thought you were saying 'Ambani' ?

(begging to correct if my perceptions are wrong)

As for IR - that's the Pune verison of Infinite Bound / Infinite Rebound.

anantha said...

Whoa.. whoa.. you guys need to change acronyms. Any self respecting southie would know that IR can be none other than Ilayaraja!