Thursday, September 21, 2006

The QUAINT Report and Awards 2005-06

(Excludes the Interrobang Annual Illustrated Calendar - all the action your imagination can take)

This is fairly over-due, so let's plunge into the first "Quizzers of Interrobang/Inquizitive" awards and annual status report. We used to occasionally write out a report on the egroups earlier for the sake of the BC alumni, and so here goes another martyr to the cause of nostalgia.

Michael Hussey award for awesome consistency: Kunal Sawardekar walks away with prize into the sunset leaving us dusty and dazed. A phenomenal year in which Kunal won almost everything he took part in - Open quizzes unbroken right from Sept to May (except for April where exams stole him), Quizomania, the local Mahaquizzer tourney and sundry other quizzes. Chakravyuuh eluded him but he'll be back for more. Quite simply the best year I've seen any Pune quizzer have. Michael Hussey would know how he feels

Kevin Pietersen prayj for an immigrant with good performances, weird hair and weirder activities: Shamanth Rao-da, fresh (stale?) from academic environs, relocated to Pune, won many quizzes (Chakravyuuh, VIT, Niranjan's included), had his lovelife discussed on blogs, went to parties uninvited and slept in parks. Only the racoon hair was missing.

Darren Gough "return in a new avatar" gong: Samrat Sengupta for coming back from IIM-L. And we love listening to both of them talk.

Son of Kal-El Comeback shield: Niranjan Pedanekar for finally reviving his quiz after 5 long years. Last heard, Sourav Ganguly was looking for his number. Niranjan also wins the Sansad Bhavan trophy for the best questions last year.

Graham Gooch the Runaway Bridesmaid certificate: Ramanand and Harish, for contriving to come 2nd at Chakravyuuh for the 4th successive time, once again by the shortest margin. England has won the Ashes, Martin Damm a Grand Slam, but will their turn come?

Ballack-Shevchenko greener pastures puraskaar: Gaurav Sabnis and Siddharth Dani, who on the pretext of higher studies have gained parole. The slur of being a BC quizzer shall never leave them though. The resident-bouncer-who-was-never-there-to-bounce-except-at-tech-quizzes and the sub-nice shall be thought of fondly.

Richard Branson competitive medal: all the Bombay Quizzers who come all the way to take part - what wonderful enthusiasm!

The Most Hon. Rev. Bobby John Award for questions that make you think: won by the Most Hon. Rev. Bobby John himself for such golden gems such as (someone may please refresh my memory).

Shane Warne "watch my lips" shield in conjunction with Ram Gopal Varma's K-Jo commemorative for best controversial moments: The subaltern Parnab saab controversy and ND's blast from the past

Dame Judi Dench Best Supporting cameos: Hirak, Major Shankar

Special Inzy-Hair "it was just a disagreement" award aka "Pyaar ke Side Effects": the wonderfully entertaining casting of Anand Sivashankar and Arnold D'Souza. When will we see them together again?

Ric Charlesworth award for best strategy at a quiz Major Brijesh Nair, for his superb BC quizzes and "steal" sections

(More awards have escaped the attention of this blogger, so anyone who traps more can release them into the comments section)

Many thanks to those who did open quizzes in the last year: Harish, Sudarshan, Abhishek and Kapeesh, Shamanth, Anand and Vibhendu, Niranjan, Gaurav, and Meghashyam. No malice to anyone or anything or any heavenly body (includes you, Pluto) intended :-)


Anonymous said...

Addendum # 1.

The Vikram Seth award for the BC quizzer most likely to get hitched next.... goeth to.... J Ramanand, who was accosted thus by a fawning admirer, "You're a Tamilian? I'm a Tamilian too!!! I've two daughters - the elder one is married. Can I have your address?"

That our lad's preoccupations are chiefly matrimonial in nature is evident from the title of the other award at these functions that he's nominated himself for.


siddharth said...

A Bobby John gem: 'What is the fourth dimension in this figure? Mind you, as most of you smart alecs must be thinking...its not time!' ...WTF?

Ganesh Hegde said...

was that fawning admirer asking Ramanand's address to keep for herself, or her daughter ;-)

Abhishek said...
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Abhishek said...

The Windsor Family Award for washing Dirty Laundry in Public Award :

goes to Aditya Udas, for doing offering the quizmaster un-mentionable goodies, and such like.

Kunal said...

Might I suggest the John McEnroe award for the Spirit of Sportsmanship to the good folks over at SITM?

Anonymous said...

Special Inzy-Hair "it was just a disagreement" award aka "Pyaar ke Side Effects":

I Beg to Disagree with your choice on this, as I have had the honour of watching from close Quarters the ebullient, enterprising duo - ANUPAM AKOLKAR & ADITYA UDAS

Harsh said...
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Harsh said...

Another one for our 'friends' at SITM: The Mao Zedong Great Leap Forward award for the greatest visible improvement (in the standard of questions) in a year.