Saturday, November 25, 2006

BCQC Schools Workshop I

Facilitator: Shamanth Rao
De-facilitators: Abhishek and Salil
Venue: Symbiosis Library.

The workshop was attended by around 40 kids. This is because the 20 from Abhinava did not turn up for some reason. So we had 20+20 from Symbiosis and Muktangan.

The workshop itself went exceedingly well. We found that most(80%) kids really enjoyed themselves, and as usual Shamanth's questions were quite perfect for the occasion.

Points to self would be, ensure that the furniture at workshop location is not a hindrance rather than being useful. Need to ensure that there is enough space for people to huddle around etc. Need to inform schools about this in future. Another thing we need to do is to tell schools that when we say we expect nothing in return, we mean 'nothing'. Therefore, I and Shamanth walked out bearing two handsomely decorated potted plants, which though were wonderful, we quite hard to carry back home for us poor motorcyclists.

Looking forward to the session next Saturday (Salil being incharge). It would be nice if anyone else could drop by to help him - myself will most probably be busy. Ideally we need two people to be at each workshop. That helps immensely.

Also this would be a good place to add, that if any school would like the BCQC to conduct a workshop please get in touch with us at :


Anand said...

Nice start, and all due kudos to Shamanth and AN .

Can you expostulate on the part after "the workshop" ? How long did it take ? The method is the destination, in this case..

Well done !!

Ramanand said...

I echo anand - some more details perhaps also on the topics discussed, whether connects etc were done

Anonymous said...

Hey, great work!
It would be great if you involved more schools. Nobody from the schools in camp seems to be even knowing about these workshops.
Maitreyi Gupta

Anonymous said...

[JR, Anand]: As regards the content of the workshop: Idea was to have a walkthrough of quiz questions. That is, ask them questions, let them try to figure answers out, keep dropping clues so the answers become progressively more evident. They write down answers and show, so the question isnt spoilt for those who havent got the answer. After the answer is out, go back to the question and point out as to where the clues lay, and how they could have figured out answers.

Went really slow, did 22 questions in 2 hours.

No, didnt use connects, esp since some 75% of the students had never quizzed before. Was heartening to see them enjoy the session just as well.

[Maitreyi] We could do workshops of this sort for more schools too. We went ahead with these guys because we had their contacts. I remember you mentioning you wanted your school to be involved. Perhaps you could invite them for the weekend's quiz, and we'll take take it on from there.