Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mastermind- Quiz at MIT- COE

Quiz was set and conducted by Keyur Munot

1st : Suvajit C and Sayak Dasgupta :190
2nd: Abhishek Nagaraj and Aditya Gadre : 170
3rd: Yasho Tamaskar and Aniket Khasgiwale :125
Other finalists : Karan Chawla and Saransh Varma , Siddharth and Kaushik and one team from MIT

Quiz had 6 rounds. The first round was 12 questions of IR. The next rounds were all D&P (+20 , +10). The other rounds included a 'Frame the Question ' round , Speciality round, 2 general rounds and a buzzer round.

The flaws of D&P came to the forefront in this quiz with the outcome largely dependent on seating position and luck. There was a very skewed number of attempts and inspite of the top three answering about the same number of questions there was a vast difference in points.

The questions were mostly good. Some were chestnuts while some were simply bad , very easy questions.

The organisation was distinctly better this time as were the questions. There were no controversies as to the operation of the buzzer round like last time. All in all it was a decent effort though in my opinion a simple no-gimmick seamless IR quiz would be great next year.


Abhishek said...

YT + AK were the worst-off in the D&P. SC + SD had said their prayers to the D&P God who dutifully obliged, while AN+AG were less affected - thanks to reversals.

Yash Marathe said...

See if you can add the sports quiz "Caught n Bowled" as well. The winners were Sudharma Bapat and Kunal Pungaliya from SKNCOE.

Ganesh Hegde said...

There was no fixing in MIT this time?