Monday, May 26, 2008

Faux Pass

So this is not uncommon. Yasho (that Hashmi-like molester of unsuspecting horses) speaks ruefully of being led by years of quizzing which gives you that immensely dangerous tendency to make wild stabs at questions en passant, Don Quixote style.

(He also mentions that story of Salil saying"pass" in an exam.)

I had the same experience once. Fresh from losing COEP's annual Chakravyuuh (the first of our four glorious bridesmaid trophies there), I found myself at one of the few competitive exams I have ever had to take. Having felt that I was overly cautious at that quiz (leading to our loss), I went in, tilting at the windmills, like Shahid Afridi chasing a half-volley to the ends of the earth.

It ended badly. Very badly. The fact that I now quote "quizzing-as-philosophy" amply illustrates that.

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