Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shrirang Raddi on Mastermind

One of the founding fathers of BC quizzing, Shrirang Raddi, is participating in this year's edition of Mastermind. That probably makes him the only person to have participated in both the UK as well as the Indian versions of the show (if you know of others who have done so, let us know).

It is worthwhile to note that Shrirang (who also won the Brand Equity Quiz in 2000-01) was the highest scorer (nationwide) in the written qualifiers for Mastermind India 2002. Due to a series of toxic events, he did not progress beyond Round 1 of that edition (subject: "Poisonous Snakes of India").

Which is why we're happy to report that the venerable senior has cruised into the next round of the UK version (subject: "The First Kashmir War 1947-48"). Tally-Ho! and Yoicks! to him for the next round.


Anonymous said...

I believe, Anirudh Chari of Kolkata too participated in both UK (most probably: 2004 semi-finalist) and Indian (1999) editions of Mastermind.


Ramanand said...

Thanks for the note Devarshi.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. :)

-Devarshi Ghosh

mayukh said...

lol i was here to make the same point and what do i see one mr ghosh who i have had the privilege of sitting and winning a quiz has made it already