Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Landmark Quiz Pune - Results

What: Landmark Quiz, Pune Round
When: 22 Jan, 2011
Where: Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune
Conducted by: Dr. Navin Jayakumar

1st: The Nawabs of Mahabs [Rajiv, Gopal, Sumo] (88)
2nd: Audio Killed the Radia Star [Vikram, Pradeep, Mukund] (70)
3rd: Travelling Pillsburies [Sumant, Anil, Vibhendu] (63)
4th: Also Known as QED [Samanth, Ramanan, Swami] (61)
5th: Pyaaz Hamein Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya [Suraj, Harish, Ramanand] (53)
6th: Nanachi Tang [Salil, Yash Marathe, Kunal Sawardekar] (42)
7th: Feni, Beedi, Wiki [Anand, Amit, Meghashyam] (40)
8th: Immaculate Misconceptions [Team from SAP] (39)

Other Results
Best Corporate Team: SAP
Best School Team: Delhi Public School; Runners Up: Army Public School
Best College: SIBM [Jai, Jai, Vikram]
Best Team Name: "Wish Wiki would have leaked this quiz" [Arjun, Gyanendra, Baruni]
Playstation Buzz challenge: Yash, St. Vincents

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Anonymous said...

Think the Nawabs scored 2-3 points more since first place was decided before the final question.

Decent prelims (I prefer the 30/40 cutoffs over the insane 34-35 of previous quizzes) but the Final had way too many repeats for my liking. I've lost track of the number of times I've seen the "meme" question in quizzes over the last 3 years.


Anonymous said...

NoM were at 88.

Ramanand said...

Corrected, thanks (I mis-read my own handwriting!)

Atul: the "meme" question certainly qualifies as a meta-meme. I'm surprised no one in the research team managed to spot that (I guess this is how hardy replicators survive in the meme/gene pool :-) )

Yash Marathe said...

I thought we started well but fell away after the first special round. I personally dislike buzzer rounds, and Saturday's experience hasn't helped.

I did like the idea of having more region-centric questions, than the usual 1-2, in the elims though. Sort of leveled the playing field a bit ;)

Anonymous said...


could we have some of the questions from the finals too.
it would help in pushing the researchers to give original stuffs instead of repeating the stuff across places.
Like the tata crucible thing

Anonymous said...

is it only me or all else
feeling that the madras brigade comes to every quizz and takes the stage Sick now
They will be in Mumbai too. Enough to call the Sena for this ;)

Guys lets have some respect for the regions.

Anonymous said...

Who is this joker? What respect for regions? You think Pune and Mumbai quizzers don't fly down to Chennai and Bangalore for the Landmark Quizzes there. Doubt the Kannada Rakshaka Vedike gives them hard time.

sumant said...

To the unknown entity upset about regions, how about seeing this as a "tour" with "majors"? That should, at least, put you on the same frame of reference as the rest of us who travel for quizzes.

To the topic of repeats, I think it's an unavoidable consequence of the volume of quizzes, quiz blogs and mailing lists. Add to this the limited exposure of Navin and his research team to the number of quizzes that go on around the world, the repetition is bound to happen. Having said that, this year's quiz was much better than last year's.

Abhishek said...

nice team name JR and co!

Anonymous said...

halo again

I asked a valid question.
sorry Sumant , what u say would mean a circus that goes like harlem globtrotters. Then it should be advertised as such.
Come and watch the chennai quiz wizs in action in pune.
Fine by me.
Yaar. I am talking about opportunity for other teams of pune to come up stage and enjoy the quiz. Is it tough to ask? Is it wrong to ask?

Yash Marathe said...

There were 3 teams from Pune and 3 from Mumbai on stage. I don't see how that displays a lack of opportunity.

I have a feeling that 'Anonymous' is the same person who used to whinge about the same people ending up on stage in the BCQC Opens (where Chennai teams rarely showed up).

Anonymous said...

Is it tough to ask? Is it wrong?

No and Yes. Now go back to your cage you stupid twat.

Arjun said...

hello ,
my name is Arjun. i think you spelled my name as Aryan Gade.Pleez correct it.
thank you

Ramanand said...

Arjun: done!

Anonymous said...

A warm hello to the cute guy in the orange T-shirt from SAP who was in the finals.

Someone get me his name (and number)!

- Anony Miss

Anonymous said...

anony miss is actually the guy wearing orange tshirt from SAP.why act so desperate dude?

Anonymous said...

No, its some anony-mounsier. Orange guy is straight n married, go look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hello Losers

Chenaai will rule

Mind it

Anonymous said...

tucha ailya

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.chennai,
well it does get a bit 2 obvious as far as chennai winnin the quiz goes,but i feel it is the minnows who will have the last btw "some dogs dont have their day".
there seems 2 be an evolution in other cities as well,but pune as a quizzing city happens 2 b really weak