Sunday, June 05, 2011

WQC Pune 2011 round - results

Organised by: IQA
Conducted in Pune by: Amit Patil (many thanks!)
Venue: COEP

Number of participants: 17
Local Results - the 'worst' section score in brackets:
1st: Kunal Sawardekar: 101 (+7)
2nd: Ramanand: 98 (+6)
3rd: Suraj Menon: 89 (+5)
4th: Salil: 85 (+5)

Section winners:

Entertainment: Kunal, Mihir, Shivam Sharma (7 :-))
Culture: Kunal (11)
Lifestyle: Suraj (21)
Science: Kunal (16)
History: Kunal (21)
Media: Suraj, Ramanand (18)
Sports: Salil, Suraj (11)
World: Kunal (17)

For more: keep an eye on this link.
Bombay results here.
Bangalore results here.


Anonymous said...

Correct link for Bombay Results:

Ramanand said...

thanks - 'twas a copy-paste error.

visu said...


how do we get to know about upcoming quizzes??

Ramanand said...

visu - if you're talking of pune quizzes, then the important ones will be announced on this blog; you can also consider joining which is the local mailing list.