Monday, November 21, 2011

The 1st Annual Tender Leaves Inter-School Quiz - Results

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Date: 19 Nov 2011

Set and Conducted by: Ramanand J, Suraj Menon

Turnout: ~70 teams

A General quiz with an emphasis on Books. Teams of 2 (classes 5-7) for elims. 23 questions written elims on slides. Top 6 teams in finals.
Finals: 22 questions on Infinite Rebounds clockwise, 3 written rounds on Book covers, Authors, and a Visual Connect.
Highest in elims: 18 (Bishop's), cut-off: 15 (4 stars).

1st: Team 5 - Orchid School - 1
2nd: Team 6 - Panditrao Agashe School
3rd: Team 2 - Bishop's
Other Finalists: Orchid-2, Millennium International, Symbiosis

Best School (based on number of teams in top 10): Orchid school
Prizes and trophies sponsored by Tender Leaves.

Thanks to Yash Marathe and Ranajeet Soman for helping out with the quiz.

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