Wednesday, December 28, 2011

V for Wikipedia - II

Click the image for a larger view

Just like last year, the Boat Club Quiz Club is happy to announce that it has made a small donation to the Wikimedia Foundation. The reasons remain the same; perhaps we could add one more: what if you woke up tomorrow and found Wikipedia gone?

Happy quizzing, reading, encyclopaeding.


Kunal said...
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Kunal said...

Lol at the image.

(Also, I am quite amused by the evolution of the Quizzing in India article, which I take considerable credit in having started. The Discussion page is good for non-stop entertainment - especially the edit war over whether Neil O'Brien can be considered the father of Indian quizzing.)

Ramanand said...

Kunal: I know, have seen some of that :)
I didn't know, however, that you created that page. Well done!

Siddharth Ravi said...

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Arnold said...

>>what if you woke up tomorrow and found Wikipedia gone?

This was actually true for a day last week!