Saturday, April 21, 2012

TATA Motors Srujan General Quiz Report

( Report By Avaneendra & Nikhil ) SRUJAN 2012, an annual fest conducted by the Graduate Engineer Trainees (GET) of TATA Motors had organized a General quiz. The Elimination round had quite a few repeat questions or peters as we call it however Finals was definitely an improvement over the Elims with some brilliant questions. The Finals consisted of 7 rounds: 2 IR, 2 D&P, 2 AV (Hollywood OSTs and Minimalist movie posters and 1 MVC)

Quiz Masters: Gokul G Anugrah & Deepak Vishnu.

TEAM 1: Rohan Jain & Ranajeet Soman - 130
TEAM 2: Shekhar Raghav & Ujjwal Mukherjee - 20
TEAM 3: Abhijit Datta & Anurag Tumma - 40
TEAM 4: Kunal Sawardekar & Avaneendra Bhargav - 130
TEAM 5: Pramod Bharadwaj & Shounak Deshmukh - 10
TEAM 6: Nikhil Motlag & Venkat Srinivasan - 45

The winner was decided by the tie breaker. TEAM 4 finished first.


Ramanand said...

When was this held?

Kunal said...

This was held on the 21st of April, at the unearthly hour of 10:00am.

I liked the finals of the quiz (the elims being somewhat Peter-heavy as Avaneendra said), but I must say that the use of D&P in some of the rounds was a blast from the past we could have done without. Otherwise, decent quiz overall.