Saturday, September 08, 2012

Cineaste 2 - BCQC September Open Quiz (Morning ) Review

The BCQC September Open Quiz - Morning Quiz
Date: 2nd September 2012
Set and Conducted by: Avaneendra Bhargav and Rohan Jain
Teams of 2 for elims.  25 questions written elims.
Top 6 teams in finals. Participants from 7th-9th top teams were asked to join finalist teams. Teams of 3 for finals.

1st: Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tewari and Sushrut (draft) - 75 pts*
2nd: Aditya Gadre, Aniket Khasgiwale and Rohan Danait (draft)- 75 pts
3rd: Anannya Deb, Shubhankar Gokhale and Alok Kulkarni (draft)  - 70 pts
4th: Amit Garde, Anand Sivashankar and Kunal Sawardekar(draft) - 55 pts
4th: Ranajeet Soman, Aditya Chandarkar and Samrat Sengupta (draft) - 55 pts
6th: Ravi Handa, Rohit Iyer and Rohit Bhaskar (draft) - 30 pts
* Won via a sudden death tie-braker

Prizes sponsored by BCQC


Overall I really liked the quiz and it must be said that the quiz was far better than the corresponding fixture last year.
The elims were nice - light and interesting, good workable questions. The finals had quite a few good questions, but also had its share of know-it-or-you-dont type questions.
In terms of the questions / content etc I mostly liked the quiz and only have a few complaints
- Lack of balance in the quiz - too many west oriented questions (not that our team minded that too much :))
- A peter here and there
- List it idea has been done to death - certainly the QMs with their expertise in movies could have thought of something a little newer

The content aside, the quiz surely could have been a lot better on the organization front.
The elims started at 10am (this after the QMs had publicised the need to start the quiz at 9:30 sharp on various online forums) and the finals started at 11:30 - a 1.5 hr duration to conduct and correct a 25 question elim set is inexcusable, especially when another full length quiz is to follow. The result was that a lot of the questions had to be rushed through. The switching of ppts midway through could have been avoided. Also it seemed the the QMs had not tested their AV content prior to the quiz which led to quite a few delays. Some basic production value could have made the quiz a bit better for the audience to sit through.

Perhaps another case of leaving it too late, as BDFL has spoken of far too many times.


Aniket said...

I really liked the Quiz - it had a good mix of nice fundae and workable questions.
Even I was quite annoyed by the fact that the quiz started late. Considering the QMs put in so much effort into making a good quiz, they should try to be punctual so that everybody has enough time to think through questions rather than just rushing through them.
The quiz was very enjoyable though, so it mostly made up for the delays.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback.
We were really tied up with our day jobs (from which AV *almost* got fired), and could not really fine tune our ppt. Also, the fact the we got venue change notice one evening prior, messed up our schedule.
These excuses not withstanding, we hope to better the show next year, with some assistance.

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