Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anniversary Mahaquizzer 2013 - Pune Results

Quite a good year for Pune quizzers at the second Mahaquizzer of the year.

J. Ramamand makes the top 10 in India with a score of 63/150

Other quizzers who took the quiz in Pune and finished in the top 100 were:

29th: Nilay Puntambekar (51/150)
83rd: Saikat Sarkar (33/150)
92nd: Aniketh Rallabhandi (30/150)

Also Srisha Haridas just missed out on the top 100 with 28/150 getting a rank of 105

Regular Pune quizzer Suraj Menon (took the quiz from Mumbai this year) won the All India College title with a score of 60 - finishing rank 15th in the country on the open section

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