Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb Open Quiz - Reports

Many thanks to Extentia (venue partner) and Landmark (prizes sponsor).

"The World is Awesome"
Flavour: Geography
Set & Conducted by Kunal Sawardekar
Format: 30 questions written quiz

1st: Shrirang Raddi & Arnold D'Souza (24)
2nd: Aditya Gadre & Samrat Sengupta (21.5)

A nice quiz on what is still a niche topic for many. A conscious attempt was made by the QM to make the questions accessible through clues and references (some of which were lost on some of us!)

'Garbology' - Feb Open Quiz
Flavour: Military aviation, Maratha history, scandals old and new, turnarounds in sports and politics, stuff you can buy at kirana shops
Set & Conducted by Shrirang Raddi
Format: 17 qn prelims, 41 qn finals

1st: Harish Kumar, J. Ramanand (team 6 - 23)
2nd: Raghu, Mayank, Venkat (team 5 - 18)
3rd: Kunal S, Aditya Gadre (team 3 -16)
Other finalists: Samrat S + Ajay R (team 1 - 13), Avaneendra+Deepak Mohoni+ (team 2 - 5), Aditya Joshi + Naval Malpani (team 4 - 3)

A highly unusual quiz, both in content and presentation - definitely not something people here are used to. "Out of the quizzing zeitgist" is how Kunal described it. One of the comebacks hinted at in the opening slide was that of the QM himself, who is returning to Pune quizzes after a while. This was his first BC Open as well, with the Opens having begun since his previous quizzing stint.

Most of the questions were interesting, but some could have been framed/presented better. The topics were eclectic and relatively unexplored, but the older folks were at a distinct advantage.

We had a relatively low turnout, partly due to the fact that there were some college quizzes at the same time.


BVHK said...

Liked both the quizzes. Kunal's questions were really good. He has shown that workable questions can be made on any topic! Very well done.
Shrirang's questions were a throwback to an older era/style of quizzing and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the questions. The questions with numbers/sparse details but significant enough for the initiated to think about and the uninitiated to learn about were my favourites.
The bane of a few recent BCQC events - delayed start returned to haunt us again. This is really inexcusable and we need to put a lid on it.

Anonymous said...

Brillo Quiz by Kunal. Good mix of questions, nicely framed too.

Shrirang's quiz was quite off-beat. Interesting questions, some could have been better framed though. A few were "arbit" stuff, one could sense a BEQ Derek influence :) but thankfully very few of those.

Overall both quizzes were an enjoyable experience. Nice laidback quizzing.

I guess time management was good, we started around 3, and finished both quizzes by 6.30 or so, which is a decent finish time.
No unnecessary breaks or time-wastage in the middle.

Considering the low turnout in the beginning, it made sense to wait till 3 to start.