Sunday, May 18, 2014

BCQC May Open 2014 - Report

Set and Conducted by Gaurav Sabnis

Flavour: General

Format: Written elims of 35 questions + Finals of 48 questions

1st: Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre and Divij Ghose
2nd: Samrat Sengupta, Navin Sharma and Srisha Haridas
3rd: Venkat S, Arnold D'Souza, Vibhav Bhave
Other finalists: Kunal Sawardekar, Gokul, Supreeth Ravish ;  J Ramanand, Samridh Kapur, Rohan Danait;  Avinash Mudaliar, Rahul Suhas Kottalgi, Utsab Saha

The quiz started with an interesting "old fashioned" pen and paper elims with a wide range of scores - the top scorers had 25/ 35 while the 9th team had 12/ 25

The finals had 48 questions - 42 general questions with 6 questions on a Dissertations 

The finals were light and interested, peppered of course with some stuff which none of us had a clue about, but overall , a very good quiz by Gaurav  who made it look like he's almost not been out of mainstream Indian quizzing for 8 years. 

Just a few peters, very interesting fundaes, very simply framed, fun questions - It certainly was a treat for us. 

PS: Please post your feedback in the comments. 

PPS: I have forgotten some of the people who took part in the finals. Please tell me names asap - I'll edit  post.


Ramanand J said...

"Play Stopped Short Due to Play in Shorts".
An apology is due all participants of this Open for the numerous delays and standing-around-wondering-what-the-hell-is-goings-on. Nothing to do with Gaurav's quiz (which was enjoyable and stress-free), but with surprises thrown up elsewhere.

Due to a scheduling overlap, we had to move to a different venue only to find out that people in shorts were being denied entry to the Academic Block. All options were considered, such as a pant-swapping scheme (where someone in trousers enters and then throws them out for others to use) and a burlesque-routine involving two people "sharing" trousers (quizzers are freaks, after all).

COEPians Rohan, Vibhav, and Omkar managed to get us in (the academic complex, not pants), but looks like we may soon start prescribing something for the BCQC Opens held at COEP: a dress code.

As Gaurav said, this brought back memories of the many trials of quizzing in COEP in the pre-2002 liberalised era.

Gaurav said...

Glad everyone had a great time. I certainly did. Hope to be able to do it again soon.

And yeah, the logistical hurdles simply made the return to COEP feel that much more authentic. No shorts allowed on a 41C day? Even Ghatol wouldn't have been that Talibanesque.

Samrat said...

Great Quiz Gaurav. Thoroughly enjoyable. Held in good spirits.
Loved the old fashioned 6 element connects !!
And thanks for the prizes too :)