Sunday, August 30, 2015

BCQC August Open - Anurakshat Gupta AFMC Quiz Report

Anurakshat Gupta conducted a general quiz on 23rd of August as a part of the BCQC August Open at Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). This quiz was conducted in two parts ie. the Preliminary round and Final Round for the Top-6 teams from the prelims.

Results :

1st : Kunal Sawardekar, Arnold D'Souza and Shivam Sharma - 100
2nd : Anmol Dhawan, Ashwin Mahesh and Nikhil Joseph - 90
3rd : Suchishree Chatterjee, Kaushik Chatterjee and Rohan Setlur - 70
4th: Venkat Shrinivasan, Rohan Danait and Deven Deshpande - 20
5th: Uday Bansal, Khagendra Chakravarti and Saraswat Chatterjee - 20
6th: Pranav Pawar, Debopriyo Maulik and VG Sreeram - -10

Comments :

The prelims started out at exactly 1605 hours as was told by Anurakshat Gupta before the small break between his quiz and the previous quiz. The questions were interesting with a certain bias on History/Geography, thus building the tidings for a HisGeoHeavy quiz. Prelims had many descriptive questions with answers being either a Country name or a Capital city name. Thus guessing/chimping/Eenie Meenie Miney Mo was a legit strategy to go ahead with for some of the questions where you had little to no knowledge. Top 6 teams from the Preliminary rounds made it to the finals with 3 other teams being drafted into the top 6 teams.

There were a total of 35 questions in the Finals which were divided into two rounds of 17 and 18 questions per round. Every round gave you the opportunity for three exhaustive finite pounces. The finals began with Vcat pouncing prematurely on 2 questions, thus earning his team an early lead, albeit a negative lead of -20 points. Team 5 tried to smartly answer the question by shouting out two different answers that they were fixated upon in a bid to try and get points, but the QM was no stranger to such antics by the quizzers in general and thus he asked them to give him one final answer. Turned out that both the answers were wrong. The finals went smoothly with Team 6 catching up very rapidly in the second half to the leaders, finally ending the quiz with only a 10 point gap.

The questions, IMO, were well framed and had enough hints for people having background knowledge in the subject to work it out. The quiz was a bit too heavy on His/Geo for it to qualify as a gen quiz. Nonetheless the questions were based on some brilliant fundae. Cherry on the cake, Anurakshat Gupta explained every question's answer/funda after the teams were done answering. The question on elderly people driving license stickers on Japanese cars was one of the questions that contributed to the continuous process of cerebral explosions.

This quiz was a major boost to my His/Geo knowledge. Hardly had any peters, but then again I speak out of my limited experience. Enjoyed the quiz overall and all the brilliant fundae. Much fun was definitely had.

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