Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chakravyuh 2015 - Report

Set and Conducted by Chinmay Tadwalkar
Attended by ~100 teams
Format: Written elims of 25 questions. Finals comprising 32 questions on Infinite Rebounds and a 6 question written theme round 
1st: Aniket Khasgiwale & Aditya Gadre: 185 pts
2nd: Kunal Sawardekar & Arnold D'Souza: 170 pts
3rd: J Ramanand & Debanjan Bose: 130 pts
Jt 4th: Omkar Dhakephalkar & Pranav Pawar: 80 pts
Jt 4th: Suraj Prabhu & Rohan Danait: 80 pts
6th: Uday Bansal & KN Chakraborty: 75 pts
An good solid quiz put up by Chinmay. 
The quiz started with a 25 question written elims. The elims was a close affair with all of the teams that qualified bunched in the 13.5 to 17 bracket. I felt most of the questions were based on nice fundas but were not sufficiently clued - making the elim a bit more "seasoned quizzer friendly" than is ideal.
The finals had 2 rounds of 16 questions each on Infinite bounce - with 5 pounces per half at +10/-10 
The content of the questions was interesting, and the majority of the questions were framed well. There were a few questions where I felt a really nice funda didn't get its due owing to verbose / vague framing.  

The written theme round was excellent - though the individual questions were on the easier side. 

Also Chinmay was a patient QM and conducted the quiz with full control of the proceedings. I also liked that the quiz went along at a leisurely pace. 

A couple of negatives: 
I felt the elims went on for way too long - almost 90 minutes! Also the QM had every question of the elim sheet on the slides instead of just the visuals - so a lot of unnecessary time-wastage happened.
The quiz finals took place in M13 and not in the auditorium which was a bit of a disappointment 
As for the teams, the finals were very close with Team 1 and Team 5 being neck and neck throughout- and for the most part were separated by just 5-10 points. Team 3 started slowly and ended the quiz strongly but could not catch up with Teams 1 and 5. In the end, Team 1 just scraped past Team 5 in the last few questions to win the quiz - for their first Chakravyuuh win in 4 attempts.

Winners list so far:
2001: Shrirang Raddi and Amalesh Mishra
2002: Shrirang Raddi and Amalesh Mishra
2003: Niranjan Pedanekar and Samrat Sengupta
2004: Gaurav Sabnis and Neeraj Sane
2005: Sudarshan Purohit and Amit Garde
2006: Gaurav Sabnis & Shamanth Rao
2007 (Apr): Kunal Sawardekar and Shamanth Rao
2007 (Oct): Avinash Mudaliar and Harikrishnan Menon
2008: J. Ramanand and B.V.Harish Kumar
2009: Anand Sivashankar and Amit Garde
2010: J. Ramanand and B.V.Harish Kumar
2011: Meghashyam Shirodkar and Yash Marathe
2012: Kunal Sawardekar and Avaneendra Bhargav
2013: Meghashyam Shirodkar and Amit Garde
2014: Anannya Deb and Anirudha Sen Gupta
2015: Aniket Khasgiwale and Aditya Gadre 


Ramanand J said...

Congrats to the new winners - who have also QMed this quiz in the past.

Agree with the report's assessment.

+What could have been better: Perhaps a broader range of topics. Very few sports questions, for example. But still, better to ask good questions on topics you are comfortable with, than ask mediocre questions for quota's sake.

I think the quiz was better than what many people were expecting, purely because I think few of us have attended a quiz set & hosted by Chinmay before, and that contributed to the under-rating of the quiz in its build-up.

Shrirang said...

Should there be a couple of reserved seats for college teams?

Ramanand J said...

Debatable, considering two of the finalist teams in this quiz were made of college participants. Not sure what the college quizzers think of this.

Bela Lugosi said...

I found the quiz and its questions to be quite interesting save a few that were strictly you-know-or-you-don't-know .

However what marred the quiz was the neutral , almost bordering on rude disposition of the quizmaster . Forget any level of engagement by him , I could find him smiling only once . That includes both prelims and finals .

Ramanand J said...

He was a bit stern, I'll admit. Could have been a bit nervous! 1st major open quiz hosting.

Samrat said...

Well conducted by Chinmay, decent questions. A no-nonsense type of QM , helps keep proceedings in control I guess.
Huge elims turnout.

Love the Roll of Honour fo Chakravyuh, going back till 2001 !!
including a 2007 double a la Australian Open :)