Monday, March 20, 2017

1 st Edition of Invictus – The Sports Quiz


1 st – Snehashis Panda and Rishwin Jackson
2 nd – Ankit Choudhury and Arnabh Sengupta
3 rd – Shantanou Gangakhedkarr and Saahil
4 th – Rahul Kulkarni and Francy
5 th – Mayank Pawar and Nakul Ramakumar
6 th - Akshay Parale and Kaushik Koley

Report (Written by Snehashish Panda)

There couldn’t be a more fitting clash – An Open sports quiz, on a day when the flagbearers of men’s tennis ensure a flood of nostalgia. As the Raging Bull and Fedex geared up for yet another titanic clash, Rishwin Jackson and I made our away across the expressway for the inaugural edition of Invictus, COEP’s open sports quiz. Making the most of a trip that had us attempting Magister, KQA’s lone wolf quiz for college students, in the morning as well, we made our way to the auditorium just as the first question flashed on screen. 

A well-set collection of 30 questions followed, with a fair share of TCQs and nice fundae. The only qualm would be a little too much focus on the Rio Olympics, in particular, but we can give that to the QMs. 4 college teams and 2 open teams made the finals, out of a pool of 20 odd teams, with Rishwin and yours truly, leading the pack. The open regulars were missed, QFiesta and the Nadal-Federer match playing their part. 

The finals followed immediately and a long extended set lay before us, 24 +24 questions on IR. Overall, almost every major sport had it’s fair share of representation and there were a couple of gems. A couple of questions had us going “TIL”, but on the whole, it was a great effort by Omkar and Co. The finalists were bunched together at the start, but Rishwin and yours truly got hold of the lead and never let go of it. Ankit and Arnabh made a last gasp finish to finish second right ahead of Shantanu and Saahil. 

The added bonus of getting live updates from the Nadal- Federer match courtesy the organising team was pretty nice of them. Here’s to another edition. Cheers!

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