Friday, January 11, 2019

InFest 2019 reports | The Italia Quiz

Slot: Sunday, 6-1-2019, Afternoon.
Quiz: The Italia Quiz
Flavour: Italian
QM(s): Omkar Yarguddi and Avaneendra Bhargav
Format: Teams of 2. Written.

1. Kunal Sawardekar and Divij Ghose: 21 points
2. Aditya Gadre and Arnold D’Souza: 20 points
3. Ajai Ragde and Sandeep Shankar: 17 points

They went. They came back. They set this quiz.
Avaneendra and Omkar returning from their Italy tour put together this 30 question set. From ancient cities to renaissance art to modern carmakers – the set had a well-balanced mix of Italian culture questions and Italy in pop-culture questions.
Except for the question where the answer to a previous question was mentioned in it, the questions were very well framed.
The quiz was a nice post-lunch refresher between two full quizzes.
Report by: Pranav Pawar

QM with half the winning team.

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