Saturday, January 11, 2020

InFest T20 - Medium Raw (Food Quiz)

Slot: Sunday, 5-1-2020, Afternoon.
Quiz: Medium Raw
Venue: College of Engineering, Pune
Fest/Organized by: InFest T20
Flavour: Food Quiz
QM(s): Pranav “Floyd” Joshi
Format: Teams of 2. Written.

1. Anisha Karnail and Manas Mahaveer: 34/45 points
2. Rajeev Rai and Abhishek Kapoor: 25.5/45 points

Being a post-lunch quiz, despite the QM being on-time, the room was slow to fill up and the quiz started after a delay of 20 minutes (taking into account the postponed time due to the previous quiz ending slightly late).

There were issues regarding the laptop and the VGA port systems. Here a special thanks has to be given to Omkar Yarguddi without whose laptop the quiz would not have taken place. Thank you!

The quiz was a written one, 35 questions long. Some questions had multiple parts, taking the points to 45.
The questions were well thought out and fun. Being a flavoured quiz, some were bound to be know-it-or-don’t, but a majority of them were deducible and well-framed. Plenty of “Aha!” moments, so to say. The mix ranged from the humble Misal-Pav to French desserts, Aztec cooking and saving the dolphins. Like a Ferrero Rocher, behind the chocolate cover, hid true gen fundae.

The entire quiz was designed to look like a cookbook. On hindsight, the formatting of the ppt (was it even a ppt? Or a pdf read via a different software?) though aesthetically pleasing, its practicality was circumspect. Images being on different slides, and the font too small to be seen from behind being some complaints.

Other than that, partly to share the blame being the quizzers who came in late, the affairs could definitely have been sped up, especially during the second-run and corrections.

Special shout-out to the winners, college quizzers from IISER, defeating well-known powerhouses by a huge margin.

Report by: Omkar Dhakephalkar

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