Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Maruti Suzuki FACT (Free A Child Today) Quiz


- Pune Leg
- Saturday, 15th Oct. @ Nehru Memorial Hall.
- organized by CRY
- Corporate General Quiz
- QM : Gautam Bhimani

1. MBT - Ankit, Pawan
2. Honeywell - Nilesh, Anand
3. Tata Motors - Saurav + 1
4. Tata Tech - Krishna, Vasant
5. Infosys - Harish + Manish
6. Aviva - Exl : Sudeep, Sanjay

Comments :
(+) Special Word for Gautam Bhimani, a really nice QM
(+) Extremely nice A/V questions. Not often do you get that.
(+) A Majority of the questions were very good, and lots of new areas not talked about here.
(+) Nice organization, flexible rules and coordial hosts made it a pleasure to be there.
(-) The scoring system was the major grudge, the first and last rounds has a lot of points, and the 10+5 system didn't help.
(-) The fewer number of teams for such a big quiz surprised me, but this might be because it was the 1st year in Pune.
Notes :
* Shamanth + 1(kanbay), Tata Tech and one more team(IIRC Tata Systems) had a long tie-breaker for the final place in the finals.
* CRY didn't overbear themselves on the quiz, wrt the social conciousness factor, but they got across their point. This report would not be complete w/o a mention for the work that CRY does. Find out more here.

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