Sunday, October 02, 2005

Engima 2K5 Concepts
held at Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering (BVDUCOE)

Date: 1st Oct 2005

1st: Salil Bijur & Arnab Pal (VIT)
2nd: Ashim Tiwari & Suvajit Chakraborty (Symbiosis)
3rd: Anupam Akolkar & Siddharth Joshi (VIT)
4th: Abhishek Nagaraj & Aniket Khasgiwale (COEP)
5th: Shyamal Kishore & Amit Kumar (BVDUCOE)
6th: Sumant Singh & Abhigya Reshu (BVDUCOE)

Set by: Debashish Roy

Enigma 2K5 was general quiz with a heavy tilt towards biz questions. D&P and a faulty seating arrangement (descending order of elims scored from A-F) ensured an imbalance in the no. of attempts per team. However the questions in the later rounds helped us make a comeback.

Rounds: After a general round (with many biz questions), there was an exclusive business round, a rapid fire round (with many biz questions) and a mixed bag round (with many biz questions). The questions in the take-your-pick round were too less (only 2) and rather obscure. Audio round was the last one where we had to identify the song and the artiste from the first few seconds of the song. The selection was rather obscure as there was not much scoring here.

Major Crib: One could not hear the answers of other teams. Worse was, they weren't allowed to know them either.

It seems to be the first time that the organisers have done the quiz so considering that it was a decent effort.


Kunal said...

You're really charitable. Oh, and that's BVDUCOE, not BVPCOE.

Abhishek said...

Don't worry Kunal - Debashish Roy really massaged Salil's ego by calling him 'a great quizmaster' & 'a great quizzer' and invited him to give a speech on the quiz at hand. The Great One promptly obliged, and the least that Salil could give him was a 'fair' report.

Salil said...

never have i been so embarassed before...

Ramanand said...

Salil Memorial quiz, eh?

BTW, reporters: please include the organising institution for the quizzes as sometimes it is hard to guess where they happened.

Ramanand said...

BTW, you can't call Salil "The Great One" - that's niranjan. You can't call him The Cheap One either, that's me. You'll have to find something else for him :-)

Salil said...

oops...forgot that. have made the changes.