Monday, July 10, 2006

Indian Cinema Quiz at B.J.Medical College

* Pretty decent film quiz (belying worries to the contrary) by Kiran and lot at B.J.Medical College, whose quizzing so far has been more famous for Shivaji-Vivek, paper planes and the "Khashaba Jadhav from Kolhapur" performance
* Good round structure (era-wise, buzzers, questions on film crews, audio-visuals)
* Questions were not obscure (95% at least) and topics were on stuff that a fan would be interested in knowing
* Was won by Niranjan and me, while Aditya Pethe and Harish (who was a super-sub!) came 2nd - they did get a couple of tough ones and parried a couple to us ;-). Suvojit and friend were 3rd in a good comeback. Can't remember team 4's names.
* Harish's father makes his debut - got some tough ones right later during the final from in the audience
* Pretty good organisation - even with the taut and blinding light-buzzers ("buzzer" is probably the wrong term)
* As I had expected, it was primarily a Hindi film quiz, with the 5% regional quota taken up mainly by Marathi, and then some Tamil and Bangla
* Had fun overall - I think all who were there would agree.


Harish Kumar said...

Very well organized quiz.
The Knowledge Quotient of the organizers was on the higher side.
My dip-stick test for knowledge of Hindi movies is when they ask about the first Indian actress to feature on the cover of Time and give the answer as Zeenat Amman.
IIRC AFMC still believes it was Zeenat Amman.

Aditya Pethe said...

I agree with Harish. I also liked the way the quizmaster explained the answer, as in giving the more related info about the answer, etc.
Nice quiz. Had fun there. The theme was very new and refreshing,for me atleast.

edathua jose said...

Hey gaurav..thanx for the wonderful stuff u folks r doin for the blast victims..i studied 3 yrs in bosco matung in the 70's..bombay is mine too..those its all so..i live with my family here in canada..pass on my appreciation to all ur gang,,may you win all ur quizzes,,,love jose thomas

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any of the questions and answers. Could they be posted please

Ramanand said...

Sancho: No qns available, I'm afraid. We don't know those guys too well.