Friday, August 04, 2006

The Techie Kaun Quizzes at SCIT


Day One:

Technology Quiz


Date: 1st Aug

Venue: SCIT Audi, Hingewadi.


QM: Suhel Banerjee, Google.



1st : Rohit Jain + 1 (SIBM) 100 Points

2nd: Siddharth Dani and Rashmi Vadanagare (VIT) 95 Points

3rd: Abhishek Nagaraj and Sudeep Pradhan (COEP) 93 Points



Technology was a bit of a misnomer. Mostly involved tech-business along with tinges of including movies and politics. QM was innovative and passed the litmus test called Siddharth Dani, who otherwise was in plein forme as far as expletives for people is considered. The best thing was the sense of BC informality to what was quite a big quiz. QM must be commended for saying stuff like "you might want to kill me after this", and then proceeded to give a quite arbit connection involving half-sisters and full monsters. nnovative rounds included using Google Trends (search volumes for specific keywords vs time) and mostly included us guessing why there was a spike in searches for a particular keyword at a certain time.


Main complaint has to be scoring system. Very very unfair, although included doubling something which I personally don't mind. However long connects has 30 - 15 D&P scoring, that never gave us a chance, and Siddharth + Rashmi were done in by negatives when they doubled. In conclusion, great quiz and enjoyed myself if only for the questions. But sir, next time please to have seamless IR.



Day Two:

Bizzy B - Business Quiz


Date: 2st Aug

Venue: SCIT Audi, Hinngewadi.


QM: Avinash Mudaliar, 3xUS.



1st : Rohit Jain + 1 (SIBM) 70 Points

2nd: (SPJAIN) 55(?) Points

3rd: (I forget) (i forget) Points






Firstly elims had negative scoring. Bad. Very very bad. Next, questions involved recently changed MDs, the various posts of Gopal Balakrishnan and dates from history and ranks of organizations in rich-lists. Bad. Very very bad. To be fair, the few good questions were overshadowed by their quite badly behaved friends. Add the usual symbiosis fundaes like, "This exam is like CAT", "You should have known how it works, you have given the CAT" and "OK, fine. If you did not know, good. Now it will help you when you give the CAT". But, I digress.


Here enters the QM. Now I have a feeling, the QM entered here figuratively as well because if the finals was anything to go by - there is no way the same person could have set the elims, or if I am mistaken it just showed an extreme apathy towards the elims. Anyway, the finals were quite excellent. There were fundaes, Shamanth style question asking, (but nowhere near as cool). However this quiz too was affected by the bane of all quizzes, showing smart-ass ads and asking what happens next, and indentify this ad. If the QM could have veered away from this temptation, the quality of questions would have been elevated greatly. The presentation was a bit too loud and 'showy' for our liking, but what to do.


In general, must say the guys at Symbi are improving as far as flexibility, choosing of QMs, and management in general is concerned. Now, if only Dani hadn't called them Quiz Nazis, I would've said, well done!


Anonymous said... u know of any similar sites that give info on quizzes in and around hyderabad..please part with the info at
thank u

Anonymous said...

'+1' seems to be the most prolific quizzer in Pune circles, and a pretty good track record as well.

Dude, if you spend a good hour on the stage with the quizzers, you can make some half-assed attempts at knowing their names at least, specially when you intend to report the quizzes and are anyway being beaten to a pulp by the non-mafia, non-BC janta on some neutral grounds.

Ramanand said...

"+1"s are thankfully more prolific than Anonymous commentors, and thankfully, less irritating. Next time, how about remembering your own name and showing us half-assed ones how it's done?
Oh, and thanks for the mafia comment - finally someone called me something as cool as a mafiosi.

Abhishek said...

more seriously +1 is basically me telling that particular person, if he reads this to put his hand up, so that we can make this list more complete. Fortunately we are better Tendulkars that Neville Carduses as far a quizzing is concerned.

brijesh said...


Pretty strong words.
But methinks, the chronicler or BCQC rep present at the quiz can try and find out their names.

That way, Non BCQC Punekars can be enlightened and invitation extended to the hallowed lawns of the BC.

I feel many Punekar semi-amateur quizzers are awed and might be feeling that BCQC is a bit stand-offish. This blatant misconcept can be cleared by offering open in vitations to these '+1's to the Saturday sesions.

Kunal said...

>>finally someone called me something as cool as a mafiosi

I think this actually makes you Il Capo di tutti Capi.

Ramanand said...

> I think this actually makes you Il Capo di tutti Capi.

"Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking." - Don Corleone ;-)

BTW, I realised my Italian sleeps with the fishes. It should have been Mafioso, not mafiosi.

Harikrishnan said...

Firstly, in my opinion the Business quiz was simply brilliant.

With regard to the comment on the ads, I suggest you need to look at the quality of the ads shown. Unfortunately Business is also about Advertising and Marketing...If Ads are a bane in business then the ads might have been a bane in the quiz.

And the ads he showed were awesome, so why such a view...Ofcourse you are entitled to it:)

Another point to note "Shamanth style question asking, (but nowhere near as cool)." Well,this style has evolved and been there for a much longer time...AM has been doing it...KQA has been doing it...QFI has been doing it...It's been around for donkey's years now!

And as for your definition of "cool", I guess showing something question and saying "put fundaes" might just be it...I don't how well it would go down with an audience of a substantiable

Secondly,the quiz was an amazing mix of funda and entertainment and most importantly appealed a great deal to the audience and the people on stage.I think, having followed his quizzes for quite some time that he has been one quiz master who has been able to repeat that magic time and again and with gusto.

Infact I had the opportunity of seeing him in the Madras Day quiz too. And he didn't fail to suprise all those Chennaites with a whole lotta new fundas put in a manner which was simple and really appealing to the audience.

Yup, the elims were not set by him.It was done in house. People might walk a mile for a Camel but I would defintely walk more than a mile to watch an Avinash Mudaliar Quiz.

Which I did that day, considering that I was at the Infosys campus.

Rohit said...

Hi there
Rohit jain here..did a google on scit quiz+avinash (heard he's doing a quiz on 4th aug 2008)and landed here

Some interesting comments in here.
To set the record straight +1 would be Varun Raina,who was my junior in SIBM