Saturday, February 17, 2007

India Quiz at Silhouettes 2007 - Report

Date: 17 Feb, 2007 (Saturday)
Venue: AFMC, Pune
Quiz set by: Anand Misra

1st: Sajith Surendran + Nitin Arun Dikshit (AFMC)
2nd: Shamanth Rao + Salil Bijur
3rd: Ganesh Hegde + Suvojit Chakraborty (substituted by Samrat Sengupta)
4th: Safal Muhammad + Vivek Mathew (AFMC)
5th: Pallavi Rautrey + Junaira Rahman (SSLC)
6th: Prashant Singh + A.K. Gupta (CME)


Anonymous said...

The team that finished second was from Shree Tukaram Free University(STFU). Please append.


Shahaji Brigade said...

Godsdamn it, its Sant Tukaram Free University!! I'm warning you, we will not take many more such insults to our great state of Maharashtra.

Anonymous said...

Sant, laddie, refuses to rhyme with Free. For stylistic reasons, therefore, Shree T. it will be.

Great state of M.? Thought Greater Maharashtra was the technically correct name.

*The STFU-ite

Ramanand said...

Why not "Sant Tukaram Fun University", then?
(chorus: 'Jai Maharashtra Veeru Pune')

liveletlive said...

I felt that big time rigging happened in this quiz, as with some of the AFMC quizzes in the years gone by. In case protestations of innocence come up on this blog, then I have only one comment to make, it is only a gut feeling and I am sure that several quizzers present for the quiz will echo my sentiments.
The sad thing is that this phenomenon of 'quiz-fixing' is quite a regular feature at some of the college quizzes conducted at the said venue, as also, I suspect, some annual quiz at MIT.

Brijesh said...


Why the accusation of rigging?'

Pls elaborate


liveletlive said...

Well, the accusations arise because of my experiences that I have had with some AFMC quizzes at 'Silhouttes' over the past few years.
A case in point being the India Quiz held when I was in my final year.
The duo that eventually won the quiz was seen making statments like 'bechke khaanewaale hain prize ko', before the quiz.
While another extremely capable AFMC team, that of Vasukeshav Sharma and Chandrakant Nair, gave us a really tough fight in the quiz, the winning team had comfortably settled into the first position by a huge margin and by the time half the quiz was over.
The sad thing is, they too knew that rigging had happened, but they weren't in a position to do anything about it.
Some of the cadets organizing quizzes this time round too seemed to agree with my observations.
Now, it must be said here that it isnt a case of sour grapes. It is not as though I am crying foul after losing a quiz. It is more a case of bringing out into webspace, what a lot of college quizzers hitherto discussed in hushed tones.

Shahaji Brigade! said...

ALright, I've had it. I demand that the dereogatory references against our glorious state of Maharashtra be removed from comment # 3 forthwith!