Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indian Cinema Quiz at B.J.Medical College - Report

Date: 18 Feb, 2007 (Sunday)
Venue: B J Medical College, Pune
Quiz set by: Kiran, Snehal, and friends

1st: Niranjan + Ramanand
2nd: Phani Babu + B. V. Harish Kumar
3rd: Safal + Satyanshu
4th: Sameer + Anand


* Like last time, had an enjoyable time at the cinema quiz
* Was completely Hindi-cinema oriented this time
* Criticisms: many qns were too easy, and lifted from the Penguin Indian Cinema quizbook
* Interesting aspects: they have a very different format (with lots of buzzer questions, elims with -ve marking etc.) which forces teams to react differently
* Harish and his dad (making his debut on stage!) were off to a good and early lead. Safal and Satyanshu had one dream round where they got all 4 buzzer questions set in the era 71-85, though some of it was due to some strategic buzzing. Niranjan and I made up in the exclusively-buzzer round (we had a missed a few earlier, which given the easiness of questions was almost fatal). It was tight and could have easily remained with the leaders. Blame it on buzzers
* A nice aspect was the reading out of little tidbits about the personality or film involved in each answer. The organisers had put in a fair amount of effort to create the slides and audio/visuals, for which they are to be commended. But some more effort on content is needed.


Anonymous said...

questions please

Ramanand said...

will try, but unlikely to be able to get them.

GuNs said...

I have left a comment on your older post. Please drop a reply on my blog.


GuNs said...

But you didnt answer my query. Where can I find info on the verve? Are you all still students or have you moved to being professionals like me?


KK said...

this is kiran kumbhar, one of the organisers... i wud lyk to clarify that NONE of d Qs in d quiz were picked up from anywhere... i havent seen that book yet (or for that matter 'any' book on indian cinema, since we based our quizzes entirely on reliable info derived from the Web).. altho we r doubly joyed that our 'original' Qs r d same as framed by the xperienced quizzers of d book...

Ramanand said...

KK: didn't mean any offence - it's just that many of us there saw many questions similar to the book, so it was a conclusion we came to. if you didn't do it, bravo!