Thursday, March 15, 2007

know-IT-all IT Trivia Quiz at COEP.

This was a part of Cynosure, COEP's comp dept's first-time fest.

1st : Kapeesh Saraf and Vineet Bhatawadekar (COEP)
Jt. 2nd: Akshaya Iyer and Vikrant (PICT)
Jt. 2nd: Suhas Mahajan and Sanmitra Kale (COEP)
Other Finalists : COEP+SSLC, and 2 MIT teams.

Quiz happened at COEP on the 14th of March and was conducted by yours truly.
Elims and finals will be available soon. Watch this space for more.

Note1: When was the last time we had 2 female participants in the top 2 (?)
Note2: Kapeesh and Vineet won easily in spite of the fact that neither of them studies Computer Science. And yes, it was not all "frivolous" IT trivia. We had "hardcore" issues like Algorithms, Data Compression and OS Design discussed too. This of course, in the usual BCQC 'fun' way.
Cheers, Abhishek

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