Monday, March 26, 2007

March 2007 BC Open Colleges Quiz - Report

Date: 24 Mar, 2007
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, PSPL

Colleges Quiz
Set and Conducted by: Ramanand, Sudarshan (contributions from George towards questions)
Theme: Entertainment and Literature

Quiz Final Results
(35 + 43 questions)
Jt. 1st: Aditya Gadre + Kaustubh Bhat (COEP) - 90
Jt. 1st: Safal Muhammad + Vivek Philip - 90
3rd: - Abhishek Nagaraj (COEP) + Kunal Sawardekar (Pune University) - 73
Other College Teams: Maitreyi Gupta+1 (VIT) (55), Yash Tamaskar (COEP) + Suvajit Chakraborty (SSLC) (30) School Teams: Ojas Pandav+Kunal Tilak+Abhishek Kulkarni (5), another team of 2 (All SPM English) (10)


* Unfortunately, the quiz was attended by very few teams , so we had to have a direct finals! :-) Poor turnout could be variously attributed to exams, scheduling it on Saturday morning, and perhaps even the themes. Lots to ponder.
* Up to the participants to comment on quality of questions.
* We had prizes sponsored by Landmark and the BC for all the teams.
* Questions will be posted on the egroup soon
* I seem to have forgotten the name of one school team - if someone remembers, please let me know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was a brilliant quiz. It had some tantalizingly nice-yet-cryptic questions that make quizzes so enjoyable - the curious incident, the aunts and Iago come readily to mind.

The bullet-pointed questions were a great idea too - participants usually arent too enthu about trawling through paragraphs of questions. Bullet pointing, I'm sure, will make questions much more participant friendly.

I'd like to applaud this quiz - take a bow, Sud, JR and George. This would be a good place to also call for some applause for the previous college quiz too, which sadly seems to have been as under-applauded(and yet as brilliant) as this one was.

Sad about the participation levels, though. I guess we should've expected it, given we knew that quite a few people would be giving it a miss.