Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rotaract Pune Open Quiz 2007

Organised by Karan and team of Rotaract Club of Pune, Main

Report by Harish:

Final Standings
Meghashyam and Hazardous Waste (i.e. Kunal S) - 166 (Team C)
Ramanand and team (i.e. Harish) - 162 points (B)
Salil and team (i.e. Ganesh) - 15x (D)
Doctor and Aastha Kataria - 14x (A)

Highlights -
1. A quiz held at a Ladies' Club :-)
2. The QM and the organizers were not BCQC regulars so it did come as a whiff of air - some fresh, some not so fresh.
3. Elims - 25 questions in 40 minutes.
4. There was a filler quiz conducted between the elims and the finals.
5. Finals consisted of four rounds of 15 questions each. Scoring pattern - D&P; no IR. 10,5 in the first round; 12,6 in the second, 14,8 in the third and 20,10 in the fourth round.
6. There were lot of questions which would be considered 'standard trivia' among the seasoned quizzers because of the regularity with which they appear in quizzes. E.g. Mel Blanc's epitaph (finals),Video Killed the Radiostar (elims). So it was a quiz of attrition and the team which missed the least number of questions on Directs was the winner - JR please confirm this. Please note that the team which did answer the maximum number of questions in the quiz did not win - this is empirical evidence of how IR helps in standardizing the scoring and the eventual winners are decided by the number of questions answered and not whether they were direct or passed.
7.The Doctor's team did very well answering most of their directs. Meghashyam and Hazardous waste answered some 'brilliant' questions and finally Ganesh had the pleasure of playing on home turf (well, as close to his home as is possible) and scoring heavily.
8. There was lot of enthusiasm shown by the organizers and were willing to receive feedback. The efforts put in, in terms of hospitality and making the participants was welcome - esp. after the energy sapping conditions seen at some of the recent quizzes e.g. Chakravyuh/Quizzomania.
9. One major peeve was that there were no prizes for the teams placed third and fourth. Probably the money which went into the potato chips and the trophies could have been spent on GVs for teams placed third and fourth.
10. All in all, had a pleasant experience which did not make the mind stretch a lot.

:: Harish


Abhishek said...

Salil + Ganesh deserved to win IMHO, they gave some really nice answers. And THERE NEED TO BE 6 TEAMS in the finals. Esp. for poor all college, not so well endowed teams to sneak in!

Kunal said...

Ok, its 1010 Vest (hazaar-dus vest). Please to make change.

Samrat said...

that is a heck of an innovative name
KS you are the new superstar hail the "baba" alias shivaji

Gaurav said...

Good ..
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