Thursday, July 31, 2008

BCQC July Open

Set by : Sumant Srivathsan, Rajiv Rai, Avinash Mudaliar (Bombay Quiz Club)
Conducted By : Sumant

1st: J Ramanand and Suvajit Chakraborty : 53 pts
2nd: Vibhendu Tiwari and Sarat Rao :48pts
3rd: Kunal Sawardekar and Aditya Gadre :47 pts
4th: Amit Garde and Anand Sivashankar :43 pts
5th: Bikash and Roshith :17pts
6th:Arnold D'souza + Saransh Verma : 16pts

Format: 48 seamless IR , 4 mini-themes of 3 questions each , one long connect and one written round.
Elims cut-off: 16.5pts

The quiz was very good to say the least.The elims were very all very well framed , interesting questions .In the finals all the questions were excellent , most of them were workable and not obscure. It was nice to see the heavy use of audio-visuals in the quiz. Sumant did a great job of conducting the quiz.
Another good thing about this quiz was the length. I loved the fact that this quiz was not wrapped up in a hurry and none of the teams were pressurised into answering quickly. The whole thing was conducted at a very relaxed pace which ,in my humble opinion, goes a great way in making the quiz fun.
Ramanand and Suvajit put in a great performance to win this extremely closely fought quiz with barely 3 questions separating the first four teams.

Please give us your views on the quiz in the comments section. Any comments , opinions or suggestions are welcome.


Harish Kumar said...

Brilliant. I was there for the elims and the first 15 odd questions. Excellent questions and spread of topics.
Length of the quiz : We can use this as a precedent whenever someone from Mumbai cribs about going back on time ;-)
IIRC, the 1st q of the Shiv-Ganesh quiz - the last one that Kunal attended before this one was also about the Forbes Fictional 15! :)

On a personal note, I hope Navya was not a disturbance to anyone.

Aditya said...

no , she was quite entertaining. Now we can honestly say that our quizzes are attended by people of all age groups .

amit... said...

Since I did not get any thread regarding the school quiz, i'm posting this here. Can anyone please give me email of the person who can give me the school quiz that was conducted in the morning?

Ramanand said...

Great quiz. Would have enjoyed more had I not had a headache thanks to the long day. In fairness to the other teams, I must point out that our team was slightly fortunate to crack the long theme on the first attempt. Not that we were lucky to guess the answer, but because if instead of those three images, any of the following 9 had been shown, we wouldn't have been as sure of the answer. We got a leg-up of 4.5 qns and that was decisive as can be seen from the final scoreline.

Good thing was all teams got to answer well, and it was a good time.

Leisurely pace is fine, but not to people who were there from 9 am in the morning :-)

Many thanks to Sumant and all the other Bombay participants for coming - remember, it was a pretty wet and depressing day to travel.

siddharth said...

Excellent quiz. Though couldn't make it to the final round, but had great fun in watching the teams on stage working out questions which were simply out of thw world for me!!!
One answer which i remember vividly was "Kalidasa's Meghadutam" by Ramanand. Super stuff!!!