Thursday, July 03, 2008


Amit Varma was kind enough to pick up some fragments of mine for an interesting article on quizzing. Serious quizzing still remains very niche, a masonic sub-culture of sorts, but it takes a quiz-geek to know there are three ways of looking at every intersection, even if it only seems to be a straight road.

Anyway, as Amit mentions in the end of his post, check out Niranjan's primers (1, 2, 3.) on setting quizzes (to which I've made a small contribution). Perhaps they need a little touching-up, but they're perennially relevant.

In other news, a certain Salil Bijur catapulted into top spot in the rankings of the local BCQC Page 3 Quizzers League given his recent appearance in this pub quiz (scroll past the large expanses of skin to the bottom - I must admit that doesn't sound very decent). It didn't go all according to plan since he missed the question on the country with the oldest flag (Denmark), a sitter if there ever was. Too bad they weren't serving chestnuts with the drinks :-)

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Salil said...

Thanks for the plug - expect a detailed account of the quiz from me soon :-)