Thursday, September 18, 2008

ACES School quiz 2008

Set by : members of BCQC
Conducted by Salil Bijur.

1st : Aditya Kaustubhan , Ashwin Bhide , Shatrunjay Mall [St Mary's (Boys)] - 110 pts
2nd : Rohit Telang ,Abhishek Pandit , Rushabh Banthia [Symbiosis Secondary] - 95 pts
3rd : Rohit Sahasrabudhe , Rohan Danait , Sanket Bhilare [Abhinav Vidyalaya] - 80 pts
4th : Vipluv Shetty , Shreeharsh Godbole , Ambarish Prabhu [Loyola High School]- 70 pts
5th : Punarrasu Pendse , Siddharth JAdhav, Prachi Tadsane [Kalmadi Shamrao High School] - 65 pts
6th : Mohit TEndulkar , Khuzehua Shipchandler , Kaustubh Wagh [St. Vincents High School] - 60 pts

Elims: Symbiosis(21) , Kalmadi Shamrao (18) , St Mary's (16), Abhinav (16), Loyola (15), St Vincents (15)

Format: 48 questions seamless IR , 8 question written theme round.

The quiz was a very closely fought one with the top three finishing within 30 points.
St Mary's put on a great show and steadily built up their momentum to take the lead in the third round . They didn't let it go throughout the quiz with some brilliant answers and deservedly won. Abhinav and Symbiosis started slowly with Loyola and Vincents fighting for 2nd and 3rd place .
At the end of the 8th round Mary's had quite a comfortable lead , Loyola and Abhinav were tied for second and Kalmadi had just got their act together and leapfrogged Vincents to third place.
The theme round probabaly had a bit too much weightage (40 pts for cracking the theme early)considering that the top team had scored just 65 points in 48 questions. Symbiosis cracked the theme on their second shot and went into the joint lead . Mary's cracked it on their third shot and took back the sole lead. Abhinav soon cracked the theme themselves and completed the top three .

The atmosphere was awesome though the crowd seemed a little disappointed at the end that Abhinav didn't win. Salil did a great job of conducting the quiz and completed the quiz on time .


Ramanand said...

thanks for the prompt and detailed report, aditya.

good to know there is so much competition in that age-group spread across various schools.

Ramanand said...

btw, how many schools and teams were there?

Salil said...

I dont have the exact count, but at least 10-12 schools and 60+ teams were there. Someone correct me if wrong.