Thursday, September 18, 2008

MIT Abhivyakti General OPEN Quiz

Set and Conducted by : Karan And Jaipal

1st: Suvajit Chakraborty and Aditya Gadre : 60 pts
2nd: Yash Marathe and BV Harish Kumar : 30 pts
*3rd: Kunal Pungaliya and Keyur Munot : 20 pts
4th : Yash Tamaskar and Kaustubh Bhat : 20 pts
5th : Karan Chawla and saransh Varma : 20 pts
6th: Kaushik S and Siddharth Cavale : 15 pts

* won on tiebreak

The quiz was a decent debut effort though very very short. A 30 question elim was followed by a 24 question final . Just 24 questions in an Open quiz was a bit of a disappointment. There were a few repeated questions , quite a few sitters and some arbit stuff , but this could all be forgiven since it was after all their first time.
A few positives about the quiz were the punctuality - The quiz started and ended on time and the fact that they used IR and not D&P as most new QMs end up using.

1 comment:

Yash Marathe said...

The fact that both QMs are Open quiz regulars probably helped in choosing IR over D&P.

The team that won the Harry Potter - Friends quiz actually cribbed that they shouldn't have used IR.