Sunday, April 05, 2009

'And Now for Something Completely Different' - BCQC Open (Morning Quiz) Report

Set and Conducted by Aditya Gadre

Jt. 1st : Sumant Srivathsan , Rajiv Rai and Sarat Rao : 155 pts
Jt. 1st : Abhishek Nagaraj , Hirak Parikh , Govind Grewal : 155 pts
3rd: J Ramanand , Yasho Tamaskar , Akhil : 105 pts
4th : Amit Varma , Ananya Deb , Vibhendu Tiwari : 95 pts
5th : Niranjan Pednekar , Salil Bijur , Apurva : 80 pts
6th : Devang Ghia , Kaustuv Gupta , Pradeep Ramarathnam : 65 pts

Some thoughts about the quiz:
-This was the first time I tried setting an only MELA quiz. So it was in a sense 'Something Completely Different' .
- Elims turned out to quite low scoring. So most of the teams were very closeon elim score. Amit-Anand and Suraj-Kaustubh missed out on sudden death. Looking at the answer sheets , I feel a lot fo the teams over thought answers and got some simple ones wrong which brought down the elim score. That said , Rajiv and Sumant put in a great performance to top the elims by 4 points.
- Sorry to all for the repeated changes in the finals line up . Especially Suraj And Kaustubh who went from top six to draft picks to just in on sudden death and finally to just out on sudden death.
-As for the finals , Hirak-Abhishek-Gowind and Sumant-Rajiv-Sarat were in inspired form and led pretty much from start to finish.
-The questions themselves were inclined towards factual knowledge because making them workable without making them obvious was proving very difficult for me. Maybe next time I'll give more emphasis on workability. Still I don't think it made the quiz too boring . This is my perception , do correct me if I'm wrong.
-Apologies for some of the sitters and peters.

On another note :
It was nice to see the Bombay teams come in such large numbers for the BCQC opens. It really made the quiz a lot more competitive . Hope to see them for all future BCQC events.

Please post your thoughts in the comments section.


SURAJ said...

i couldnt agree more abt overworking simple questions and screwing them up....aargh....couple of horrible horrible misses....all in all good elims .... dont think that 15/35 is a low cutoff seems abt average in fact
the finals was fun too..... a few questions were things that i had never ever heard of so they were a bit WTF.... minor cribs thought the scoring for the theme was a bit on the higher side..... otherwise good quiz fun overall

Anonymous said...

- I thought the prelims were of the right level - 15/35 is a reasonable cutoff score. Could kill myself for some of the sitters I missed.

- As Suraj said, +50 for the first visual in an LVC is a bit too high (5 question spread in the quiz)

- I know this might be a little difficult- but is it possible to have the QM himself correct the answer sheets? I think this should solve some of the problems we had after the prelims.

-Good mix of questions - I've seen a lot of quizzes where Movies or Books end up dominating a MELA quiz.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how about the result of the afternoon Quiz ?

Ramanand said...

* decent set of qns and areas covered;
* I liked the elims set.

* The Lit stuff in the finals was a little arbit and forced, I thought.
* There's no way 2 special rounds (the connect and the nobel round) should have been all that much. Essentially, a mythical Iron Maiden gambler who specialised in nobel citations could have got about 100 pts i.e. worth 10 qns of the finals. So unless you thought they were worth that much, it was a bad choice. connect could have been worth 25-30 & not more than 5 nobel qns.

* Horrendous correction gaffes (involves us as the BCQC too). This has to be addressed.

Arnold said...

What is MELA?

Anonymous said...

Movies,Entertainment,Literature and Arts. Not to be confused with the bad Aamir Khan movie.

Aditya said...

About the correction gaffes : Someone gave 'The wasteland ' wrong to everyone which caused the all the problems .

Yash Marathe said...

I guess the 2nd special round was a bit unnecessary. Although I liked the theme, it seemed a bit out of place for me. It would've been better if Aditya had picked out the best 1 or 2 from the list and added them to the main quiz.