Sunday, July 19, 2009

British Library, Pune & BCQC Quiz

The British Library (Pune) & the BCQC are presenting a General quiz. This is principally aimed at introducing quizzing to Library members and is a newbie-friendly quiz. The details:

When: 2nd August (Sunday)
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Where: At the British Library, Pune

What will it be about? This is a General quiz, particularly meant for non-quizzers.
Format: informal & highly participative quiz with interesting questions. Prizes included!

Participation criteria: A member of the British Library in Pune, aged 16 or above. Non-quizzers particularly welcome.
Do I need to form a team? Not really – walk in alone or get your friends/family along.

What do I get along? Just your wits, that’s all.
Do I register in advance? Prior registration is not compulsory but doing so will ensure your participation and help us with arrangements. Contact Savitry Iyer/V. Sugandhi of the Library to register.

Note for regular (read: each weekend) quizzers: this quiz is largely aimed at the newbie/once-in-a-while quizzer. If you participate, you might find us largely ignoring you in favour of the newbies :-). But you are welcome to watch & help out.

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