Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The other BCQC

While ego-searching for the BCQC, I chanced upon the "BCQC Ride for the Children" expedition. Having ensured that this was nothing to do with Salil (cycles + social causes!), I went to read more about this.

This is a cause espoused by two Canadians Goran Matic and Iavor Boev who are currently undertaking "a 4,800 km bicycle journey across the heart of Canada which will take them "from Richmond Vancouver in British Columbia to Montreal Quebec.".

Thus I inferred that "BCQC" seems to stand for "British Columbia-Quebec".

Matic and Boev are raising money to buy a Cerebral/Somatic Oximeter for the Montreal Children's Hospital. More details can be seen here.

Here's one BCQC wishing the other the best of luck in their endeavour.

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Nikhil said...

On the same lines, i've heard about MP having a 'J Ramanand Girls College'..!