Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chakravyuuh 2009 and other events

Announcement by the organisers of Mindspark and Chakravyuuh, COEP's annual quiz

Quizzing @ Mindspark ‘09

The College of Engineering, Pune is back with the city’s Premier Technical Festival MINDSPARK, and its bigger and better than ever. As a part of this technical extravaganza, we will be hosting three quizzes in our module ENCYCLOPAEDIA GALACTICA for all quizzing enthusiasts.

Torquest (9th October 2009)
We wouldn't really be an institute of excellence in technical education unless our students were sound in their technical knowledge and fundas. Pit your love for technology against ours. Brush up your theory and find out how much you could actually apply it when you go out into the mad, mad world. Science and technology are inseparable, and this is a quiz where the passion for both would find a home.

Status: College Quiz

Chakravyuh (10th October 2009)
Chakravyuh has been one of Pune's best known open quizzes for many years now. A general quiz that is literally based on anything and everything under the sun, the participants of this quiz can range from college students to software professionals. Chakravyuh has gone on to produce quizzers who would later perform exceptionally well at national level quizzes like BBC Mastermind INDIA and University Challenge. Previous years have elicited fantastic participation and the prize money remains as sweet as ever.

Status: Open Quiz

Full Throttle (11th October 2009)
Have your fingers always itched to pull apart an engine to pieces and check how it works than just admiring the beauty of the bike and riding it? Then test your automobile wisdom in this adrenaline pumping quiz. Cars, bikes, and everything capable of clocking some serious revs- get ready to experience the rush! Turn up your collars, and roll up your sleeves, for only the sharpest can keep pace with Full Throttle.

Status: Open Quiz

Venue for all quizzes: The Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team for every quiz
1) All school and college teams must possess valid I-cards. All the open quizzes have special prizes for the best school and best college teams.
2) Participation in Torquest will be confirmed only against a valid I-card.
3) Certificates will be given to all finalists. Prizes for all winners.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ramanand,

Awaiting the review of Tata crucible's Pune Round..


Ramanand said...

Hi Saket - apologies, just saw your comment. I don't have the details or the enthusiasm :-), so if someone wants to take it up, will be happy to put it up.