Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chakravyuuh 2009

Chakravyuh 2009 was a part of COEP's technical event MindSpark.

Set by: Aniket Khasgiwale, Aditya Gadre , Kaustubh Bhat , Mohit Karve , Aadinath Harihar

Conducted by: Kaustubh Bhat and Mohit Karve

The quiz had 54 questions on seamless IR.

1st: Anand Sivashankar and Amit Garde: 95 pts
2nd: Niranjan Pednekar and Meghashyam Shirodkar: 90 pts
3rd: Yasho Tamaskar and Suraj Menon: 85 pts
4th: Yash Marathe and Vinay: 65 pts
5th: Nikhil Motlag and Tejas Kulkarni: 40 pts
6th: Raghav Chakravathy and Vikram: 30 pts

__________________________________________________________________________________ Particpants views- report by Suraj Mennon

Chakravyuh certainly lived up to its billing..... A well put together elim set with a fair mix of classical quizzing and pop culture fundae saw a tough fight for places on stage... Honourable mention to harish and Navya who scored 14..... Cant recollect who won best college team and the other honourable mention so if someone could fill in the details would be grateful

The finals were a close run affair what with only a 10 point spread between the top 3 teams. could have been a close run thing, but Amit and Anand made their early lead count and kept up the momentum with some cracking answers. Meghshyam and NP pushed them close in the end only to miss out. As for the quiz itself, fabulous set of questions, bar one or two that werent framed well.

- Good balanced elims set with something for everyone. Some brilliant questions there
-Quiz was ably conducted by Kaustubh bar one incident refer below
- 54 questions meant that the length of the quiz was just about right giving all teams a fair shot and not too many obvious sitters/peters
- The lack of production value was more than compensated by the quality of the questions themselves
- Full clarity on part points, meant the quiz was dispute free and we avoided unpleasant situations where the person asking the questions didn't know enough about the answer, (often seen when you arent asking your own questions). Kudos to Bhat Mohit and Adinath for that
- Some cracker questions

- the quiz started late, but then what quiz starts on time
- the Dreaded finger of God made one appearance inspite of two safety slides (Another entry to the record books for Kaustubh Bhat)
But then again these were minor glitches on what was unarguably one of the best quizzes that has happened in recent times, take a bow Gadre, Khasgi, Kaustubh, Adinath and Mohit.

Congratulations to the winners and all the finalists.

Any comments , bouquets/brickbats are welcome.


Salil said...

And for the first time, we have an absentee reporter :)

Yash Marathe said...

Unfortunately, we (specifically me & Vinay) witnessed how positioning can hamper your chances in IR as well...

Siddharth said...

A very well put up quiz!!
We missed out the part when u guys gave out the answers for the prelims and am very inquisitive to know the answers for the questions.
Can you please post the Q/A here?

Amit Dandekar said...

can someone pla mail me elims and finals (both with answers) at

Thanks and Regards!

Harish Kumar said...

Was there for only the elims. Liked the elims a lot. The fact that Navya and I had a good shot at making it to the finals means the elims gave a chance to everyone!Big Thumbs up for the elims.
In the time that I was there - the organizational glitches overflowed - started late and then the organizers ran out of elims sheets! Unpardonable. We had few teams being asked to turn in their elims sheets while the others who had got the elims sheet 15 or so minutes late, still taking the elims!This meant the teams which turned in the sheets were discussing the answers and the organizers were pleading with them to be silent. All this could have been avoided - could have had more elims sheets in the first place or used the delay at the beginning to get more elims sheets or just give more time to all the teams - that wouldn't have hurt anyone!
We had to leave just as the quiz started. But looking at the elims, I'm sure the finals would have also rocked.

Aniket said...

Sorry for the organisational glitches. I don't know about the others, since I wasn't there for most of the elims, but the fact that we ran out of elim sheets was something we really couldn't have foreseen. A staggering 180 teams had turned up, which was almost twice of last year's count and no Xerox shop being close by made it worse. But yes, the extra time awarded could have been handled more efficiently.

Yash Marathe said...

Doesn't you college have a Xerox machine?? I remember getting some forms photocopied there once...

Anonymous said...

the best college team was Sameer Deshpande and Bharat Marathe..

niranjan said...

An enjoyable quiz. Good elims. Had some great questions in the finals. I personally liked the 'something sitting on top of a flag of a city' question, as in abstraction, it required two-three known facts in various disciplines as well as some lateral thinking in the end.

Want to collect the prize, can someone from the organizers collect it on our behalf, and later give it to us?

Amit Dandekar said...

please someone mail me the quiz.
both elims and finals with answers.

Anand said...

The Asrani/Hitleresque admonition to leave two seats vacant having gone unheard, the order only got louder. Three strident attempts to make me shift place fell on deaf ears and Amit & I stayed put.

180 teams ? COEP ? Ummm, OK. Power flows from the barrel of a gun....

A nice Sellers' The Party-ish touch to the elims with a final shout putting paid to abt an hr of mayhem.And of course, topped off with Amit waxing eloquent on the socio-political ramifications on the last q scribbling a wholesome 14 lines ( The Bard managed a sonnet with that length).
Varied set of elims q's with quite a few almost forcing you to zero inon what was the right answer.

The finals were devoid of peters mostly and some q's could have been framed better. A no-frills attempt was carried off well with minimum fancy rounds, connects and visuals, and it still held interest for most. Tightly contested with any of three could have stolen.